10 Family Fun Activities With A Roll Of Tape

It’s amazing how much fun 79 cents can buy.

Influence is built on the foundation of trust.

Parents have the greatest opportunity to influence our kids future compared to anyone else. To increase that influence, you have to increase trust. Then, you have to leverage that trust. This video talks about this briefly, then it shows you three of the ten activities we do with tape around our house for fun with the kids.

For us, we had to get rid of our TV. It was a time vacuum for our us. People often ask…as you see in the video; “What do you do with your time?” Well, this video is a sneak peak into our answer.

Download the 10 Activities With Tape PDF by visiting:

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  1. Barry Dunlap
    February 7, 2014

    Great ideas with the tape!  Looks like fun.  Not sure Barb and Ricky really helped that much.  Perhaps they should go off and start a sitcom on the Hallmark channel– since we don't have that channel. haha!

  2. PandaHolics
    September 13, 2017


  3. PandaHolics
    September 13, 2017


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