See how we outfitted our VBS activities with items from the Dollar Tree and kept our fun times budget friendly. Dollar Tree is a great place to source your needs! We were able to plan 10 games for 80 kids for less than $55.00.

Game 1 – Bible Memory Verse

Blow up balloons and stuff some of them with words from a memory verse. Some balloons will be empty and some will have just one word in them. Allow children to pop all balloons and look for the words hidden inside. First team to put the words in order to form the memory verse wins!

Game 2 – Egg/Spoon Race

Line teams up in a straight line and give the first child a plastic spoon. Place an empty plastic egg on the spoon and have child run towards a point across the room. Child must reach that point and return to starting point without the egg falling off of the spoon. If the egg falls, the child must start over. First team to get all their players successfully finished wins!

Game 3 – Ball In The Bucket

Line teams up in straight lines and give the first child a ping pong ball. Have the child place the ball between their knees. The child must now run to the bucket on the other side of the room – holding the ball in their knees – and drop the ball in the bucket. They must then run back to the starting of the line and let the next child go. Team with the most balls in the bucket wins!

Game 4 – Glow In the Dark Ring Toss

Purchase glow sticks that will make a 12″ circle. Turn lights down real low and allow students to toss the rings at a target across the room. Team who gets the most rings around the target wins!

Game 5 – David and Goliath Slingshot

Using slingshots and hand bands from the Dollar Tree, sew velcro on headband and ball. Allow children to shoot the balls towards the headbands worn by teens or adults. Team who sticks the most balls to the headband wins!

Game 6 – Glow Stick Hot Potato

Using the lighted parade sticks, turn off all lights and crank up the music. Begin passing the stick from child to child. When the music stops, the child holding the stick is out. Continue until you have the last student standing. That student wins points for their team!

Game 7 – 10 Commandment Match Up

Using 3 part foldable poster board, write the numbers 1 thru 10 down both sides of board. In the middle, attach velcro strips. Print 10 commandments on card stock and attack velcro to the back of each one. Allow teams to compete. First team to attach all 10 commandments in the correct order wins!

Game 8 – Pin Zaccheus in the Tree

Draw a tree on white poster board and print out mini Zaccheuses. Blindfold children and let them try to stick Zaccheus to the branches of the tree. Team with most Zaccheuses on the branches wins!

Game 9 – Pool Noodle Race

Wrap 6 pool noodles into a circle and tape. Connect those 6 rings together with duct tape. Take two straight pool noodle and run them down the sides of the circular middle. Let children run through the rings. Feet must go into each circle. Fastest time wins points for their team.

Game 10 – Net Catch

Buy the nets and balls from Dollar Tree ( they come in a set ). Children must throw and catch the ball using only the nets. Team who catches the most balls wins!

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  1. asltina
    May 23, 2016

    Wow, this is awesome! I teach Vbs and Sunday school and I will def be using some of your ideas! Thanks for sharing and God bless 🙂

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