3 Amazing Ways to Flirt With Women – And Win Them Over Effortlessly!

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Before you learn the best methods for attracting women, let me discuss the two types of seduction that happens anywhere. There’s the type that happens over time, naturally. This first type happens when you see a girl often in the office or in the gym and you speak to her on occasion about random stuff. The problem is that she might not develop attraction strong enough to make her want to seek you out and date you.
Then, there’s the second type. We call this “brute force” seduction and it has something to do with the way you make a woman feel after just a few minutes. You see this type of seduction in clubs, coffee shops, bars and parks. One minute a guy is talking to a girl, and soon they’re holding hands or kissing. I bet you’re more interested in the second type than the first, so it’s time to learn how to pull it off.
3 Amazing Ways To Flirt With Women – And Win Them Over Effortlessly!
Method 1. Be Her Dream Guy. When a man approaches a woman and she looks him over from head to toe, she notices everything. Groom yourself well and eliminate the things that might stop her from looking further. You should pay close attention to your eyes and lips because these are the first things she will notice.
Get rid of the bloodshot, hungover look by using eye drops. Use lip balm to keep your lips from cracking. Feed her “ideal guy” fantasy by showing her that you look the part.
2. Make Her Talk About Herself. When you let a woman talk, pay close attention to her words and don’t let your mind wander to other things (like her cleavage or her legs). You will be able to get subtle clues about what she likes and doesn’t like just by listening closely to what she’s saying.
3. Use Fractionation. There’s a hypnosis tool that’s applicable in seducing women, and it’s called Fractionation. You have to spend the first 5 minutes talking to a woman and the next 15 minutes seducing her using hypnosis. The key is to make her trust you enough to open up to you emotionally. When you notice she’s dropping her resistance, mesmerize her with your words by putting her in a romantic daze. This method is controversial but it works!

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