5 Powerful Closing and Team Building Tips I Received from My Network Marketing Mentor

This video details my top 5 biggest income producing tips I learned from my entrepreneurial mentor and the #1 income earner in my network marketing company. After you watch the video you will be compelled to click the link and visti my blog where you will read the following story.

The following story is an email I broadcasted to my email “opt in” list yesterday detailing a few of my recent experiences hanging out with some of the biggest names in the network marketing industry.

As you will see as you read the following message the events and lifestyle shifts I’ve experienced as a result of taking my network marketing business seriously have been substantial. I’ve also equated these shifts to a few key elements, the most important of which is personal coaching and mentorship.

That is why, as you will read, I’m taking 5 new people of my choosing and giving them 5 bonuses in the form of high caliber training and one on one coaching. Visit

to read the rest of the story.

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