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  1. Drew Gately
    April 23, 2014

    is this film anti-religion? or is it trying to say that people should go against the system and be more like Jesus and not conform and be brainwashed by society and create their own rules in life? Is Alex a hero or a villain or just a plot device used to make a point and tell a story?

    What ever the answers are, its still a really good movie.

  2. 798wtf
    November 11, 2014

    This was a good interpretation. thanks 

  3. Nick E
    January 25, 2015

    I feel like the movie didn't have a motive one way or the other. I think that Kubric was showing the struggle of conformism vs nonconformism with the story of Alex. Total nonconformist Alex was a monster who did awful things to people, but conformist Alex was miserable, pathetic mess. I think Kubric was trying to say that we need a certain balance of the two.

  4. Anthony Jaswinski
    April 9, 2015

    Some viewers are confused on the abstract visual imagery of the ending shot. Essentially, it's a literal "marriage" of the elite political and the orgy of working class youth — you can do whatever you want just as long as it serves our political and financial interests.

  5. binitials
    June 14, 2015

    Kubrick took on Authority and hypocrisy (the writer, the politician, the police, the prison system, the psychiatrists). The story that he withdrew the film himself was bullshit, he
    was forced to do it, most probably by MI5. Path of glory was banned by France for 30 years for daring showing the truth about the French Military, draw your own conclusion.

  6. Commander G.L.R
    September 7, 2015

    The film seems to be a warning of a sort of Marxist utopia.When violence and degeneracy doesn't evoke outrage, but we have become so desensitized by it, most only find themselves wanting more. The Jewish Dr. Brodsky and his symbolic brainwashing of a helpless goy, forced to watch lies about WWll and other anti-German propaganda. Kubrick was accused by certain critics of condoning fascism in this film, and it turns out they were right. But look how accurate this film is, it perfectly depicts our world culture right now. As we blindly march toward "perfect communism".

  7. kallabos
    December 28, 2015

    Alex and his droogs are not "anti-conformist". Their uniform wardrobe would seem to demonstrate otherwise. They are conforming; just conforming to a group standard and mentality that is contrary (or rebellious) to society. Instead, the more correct word for that point you are making might be "anti-establishment".

  8. Jack Farley TV
    February 22, 2016

    I see the movie as a dark comedy but satirical! Our government is falling into this dystopian society!

  9. Steven Rodriguez
    August 23, 2016

    very interesting…. I was watchig this movie yesterday and didn't get much out of it, this helped me understand it better.

  10. J JAB
    December 30, 2016

    A clock work orange is a useless object, inherently natural, naturaly ogmented, forcefully used

  11. LegoManiac101/SansYesBarneyNo vgcp
    October 11, 2017

    I knew that this movie has morals, but no one believed me.

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