Best French Photo Holiday Workshop

In this video I show you the best french photo holiday workshop opportunites so you can get a feel for the Bicycle Gourmet’s holiday photo workshop course in france.
Also, if you go to : see more 2016 French Landscape photography options.

As a Professional Photographer, I can confirm that the beauty and variety of the French Landscape is nothing short of Awesome. With a capital “A.”

But France is much more than just Photo Ops. It’s History. Culture. Cuisine. Wine. Fashions. And most importantly – the incredible genuine hospitality of the French People.

That’s why every year – my other committments permitting – I cycle through the French Country backroads with 6 or 8 lucky Francophiles (never more) sharing the Treasures of France I know intimately.

These voyages of discovery go down in June, July and September. (NEVER August. The month all the French take their holidays!)

Here’s the skinny:

June – The Loire Valley.

Ok, first of all, Da Bg lives there. That should tell ya something – right? And when, you experience the rich tapestry of this region, you’ll understand why it was the playground for the ancient Kings of France. Naturally we won’t neglect the marvy Chateau’s in which they cavorted – but “Da Bg Advantage” is my intimate knowledge of the tiny villages and off the beaten track spots – that are not in the guidebooks.

July – The Drome Provencal.

This region, is just above(north) of the PACA(Provence Alps Cote D’Azur) region. It being too famous for the Riviera, Cannes, Nice, etc.

The main advantages of “le Drome” are that it has virtually the same climate as it’s way more crowded Southern neighbour,(and thus the same fruits and veggies), and is WAY less crowded. Plus dotted with picture postcard villages, filled with friendly (not picture postcard) people.

September – Vaucluse. Hilltop Villages in the Luberon National Park.

This one is “first among equals” for Da Bg – as I used to hang my (non-existant) hat there.

While the village of Gordes is the most over famous/touristated, there is much more charm (and fewer visitors) in the adjoining villages of Bonnieux, Lacoste ( Chateau of the Marquis de Sade – the original “tough love” guy) and Roussillon. Renowned for it’s ocre cliffs. And the dust from them. Prized by artists the World over.

All of this – in a National Park! What more could ya want?

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