Finding a great place to buy a guitar can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you are just starting out. It’s a bit intimidating when you walk into a huge store, with thousands of guitars and dozens of commissioned, sales people praying on you like you are their next dinner.
In some places, you may not be helped at all because the salespeople are too busy texting on their cell phones, to answer a quick question, let alone help you find something.

After visiting a few of these big chain stores, I have come to appreciate the smaller, more intimate stores. The stores, that truly appreciate your business, and really want to help you find a new guitar that suits your playing style.

The best place I have found near Palm Springs to buy a guitar, or guitar parts, is Musician’s Outlet. Whether you are looking for an acoustic guitar, or an electric guitar, this place is awesome.

They are not a huge store, so they carry their most popular merchandise at this location. They also have a fabulous online store that carries everything else (something like 8,000 items). Online shopping is great if you know exactly what you are looking for. But if you wish to shop in person like I do, (I like to try before I buy) they can have the products they sell online brought into the store for you (and they are pretty quick about it too).

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this guitar store, is their customer service. They are always very friendly and helpful, and willing to teach you about your instrument. Hot to play it, how to maintain it and how to fix it, if something breaks. They also have great prices too!

Whether you are playing the guitar as a hobby, or are trying to become the next Jimi Hendrix, you can get a great guitar here. Musician’s Warehouse carries basic beginner guitars, guitars for the pro’s, and everything in between. Learning how to play the guitar, takes dedication and patience, and buying your guitar should be a fun experience.

If you are planning to buy a guitar for your children, no worries. They have all types of guitars, ranging from small guitars, to large and many different types of them.  However, choosing a guitar for your children is a bit tricky, so I recommend you read this article first so you can get an idea of what to buy.

The Musician’s Outlet is located at 44850 San Pablo in Palm Desert. For more information you can call them at (760)341-3171!

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