Breathtaking Skyline With 4 Times Square At Midnight In New York

Breathtaking video background of midnight in New York, in March 2017. Amazing skyline with 4 Times Square (former Condé Nast Building). Enjoy this calming HD video for relaxation and mind soothing.

We believe that everything has its own background and we’ll be happy to help you find your perfect one. If you know how to use this video to change your everyday environment, want to share it with your friends or see it as a great idea for your business, don’t hesitate to ask us for support! Bvckground team can be easily reached at

About us:
Bvckgrnd is changing the everyday environment by creating your personal breathtaking experience utilizing one common element – observation. Add the greatest source of visual beauty to your everyday life in 4K quality. Join us in this spectacular journey around the most amazing place where we all belong – Earth. Let’s discover it’s endless beauty together and we are sure that you will see how imagination of nature is far, far greater than the imagination of man. Bvckgrnd is providing a real time escape, a teleport from your high stress environment. It has been designed for individuals who are looking for new experiences, opportunities, a creativity boost, therapeutic relaxation and also for changing the work / living / leisure spaces and environment. On you’ll find breathtaking sceneries filmed in New York, Miami, Oslo, Tromso, Saint Petersburg, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Chiang Mai, Lisbon, Sydney, Budapest, Bangkok, Cape Town, Chicago, Dubai, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Florence, Berlin, Shanghai, Siem, Hanoi, Paris, Marrakech, Prague, Beijing, London, Rome, Istanbul… Enjoy the view.

Bvckgrnd footages are suitable for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, waiting rooms, yoga studios, spas and designed for work, study, reading, sleeping, relaxing. The best way of enjoying our views is watching it via projector, but you can also enjoy it in a car, train, bus, or during long flight.
Watching these calming sceneries is recommended for therapeutic purposes and relaxation, they will bring your state of mind in harmony, relax your body and soul.
Use bvckgrnd in your home to refresh your interior and change the living space. In hotels it can be an incredible way of changing the interior, creating a new experience for the guest and promoting other destinations if you’re a part of a big chain. In hospitals, healthcare centers and other medical facilities to make a calming atmosphere. In business offices and workspaces to increase the productivity and decrease stress. In waiting rooms to reduce anxiety. In electronic stores to demonstrate the features of flat-screen UHD TVs and home theaters. In public and sleeping areas of spas, yoga centers and beauty clinics to create a natural vibe of wellness. Perfect for relax and meditation, positive thinking, stress relieving and sleeping.

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