Buying a Franchise : How to Buy a Starbucks Franchise

Buying a Starbucks franchise requires contacting the company, filling out an application, researching the costs and profits and contacting a business broker for assistance with the paperwork. Find a good deal on a Starbucks franchise with help from the owner of several franchises in this free video on buying a franchise.

Expert: John Niemira
Bio: John Niemira is a business professional who has been in the business industry for many years.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton

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  1. Bill McIntosh
    August 19, 2012

    Get online and do some research? Good idea. I suggest you go to Starbuck's website to see they don't offer franchising. Practice what you preach and stop wasting people's time.

  2. Farley Jones
    November 8, 2012

    Actually guys, Starbucks is technically a franchise, If you look closely you can see that you can buy a Starbucks franchise in the case that it has to be integrated into the infrastructure of an already existing business. So you have to own a business and incorporate Starbucks with it to have a Franchise. Like how Airports and Target have Starbucks. No Flame wars please, have a nice day.

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