Cafe Owners: Should You Use Leaf Tea or Tea Bags?

If you own, manage or work in a cafe, have you ever thought about whether you should serve loose leaf tea?

It has many advantages – better quality tea for the customers, and the chance to prove how much you care about providing the best possible tea in your cafe.

It also presents challenges, which you need to think about carefully before rushing into the decision to serve loose leaf tea in your cafe.

Please contact me if I can be of any help at all.

– Andrew G

Hello Tea Lovers! I’m Andrew Gadsden, the Saviour of Tea. My All About Tea channel is my way of sharing my love of tea and what I’ve learned from 10 years as a tea taster, importer and blender. If you’re a tea lover, come and join my campaign for a better cup of tea for everyone:



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  1. Chris Whitfield
    March 9, 2017

    Rather than spend time uploading these videos, you might consider checking your orders and emails sent by prospective customers. I ordered some tea from you on the 1st Feb 2017 via your ebay shop. I never received it even after sending 2 emails chasing it up and speaking with yourselves on 2 occasions. In the end I had to request my money back from ebay. I'm afraid I wont be recommending you to friends and family. Very disappointed

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