CLAS Ropes Course

People learn more through experience than through any other method of learning. Challenge course participants learn techniques in problem solving, leadership, human relationships, communication skill, conflict resolution, group cooperation, building self-confidence and esteem, trust, self-direction, motivation, and values. Analogies can be made to life topics, helping to increase understanding and strengthen character.
Our aim is to allow the participants to view themselves as increasingly capable and competent. By attempting a graduated series of activities which involve physical or emotional risk, and succeeding (or sometimes failing) in a supportive group atmosphere, an individual may gain confidence in themselves and others.
Each course is based on the assumption that anyone who conscientiously tries will be successful. Success is making an effort. A cooperative, supportive atmosphere tends to encourage participation. The use of teams, points, and timed competition has consciously been minimized to allow participants to succeed without fear of failure.

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