Conversations with David Tennant

Career Conversations with David Tennant. Moderated by’s Richard Ridge of “Backstage with Richard Ridge!”

Over his twenty-seven year long acting career, David Tennant has left a trail of memorable characters over an expansive and diverse array of film, television and on stage credits.

Currently, David can be seen on stage as the title character in Shakespeare’s Richard II as a part of the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s King & Country: Shakespeare’s Great Cycle Of Kings series. The series marks the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and will run at the BAM Harvey Theater through April 29th.

This past November, Tennant starred as the villainous ‘Dr. Zebediah Kilgrave’ otherwise known as ‘The Purple Man’ opposite Krystin Ritter in the Netflix Marvel series Jessica Jones. The streaming service aired the 13-episode in its entirety on November 20th, 2015.

Tennant will next star as the world-renowned Scottish psychiatrist RD Laing in Robert Mullan’s Mad to be Normal alongside Elizabeth Moss. The story follows Dr. Laing and his unique community at Kingsley Hall, East London during the 1960’s. The film completed production the past Fall of 2015 and is set to release in 2016.

Tennant is most recently known for his role as detective ‘Alec Hardy,’ on the critically acclaimed BBC crime series Broadchurch. Tennant ‘s character was brought to the small town of Broadchurch to investigate the murder of an 11-year-old local boy. In its second season, Broadchurch was nominated and won several awards, including the 2014 BAFTA TV Award for “Best Drama Series.” Season 3 of the series will begin filming this summer.

Tennant starred alongside Rosamund Pike in the British comedy What We Did on Our Holiday as the dad of a family who struggles keeping any secret quiet on their family trip. Lionsgate released the film in the US and on VOD on July 10th, 2015.

Tennant is most recognizable for his portrayal as the 10th Doctor on the widely beloved series Doctor Who. The BBC science fiction series itself has become a pop culture fixture and a fifty-year cult favorite. It depicts the adventures of the time traveling humanoid alien Doctor as he defends himself against foes and protects whole civilizations and people in need. In November 2013, and 2015 as part of Doctor Who‍‍ ’‍s 50th Anniversary celebrations, Tennant’s Doctor was voted “The UK’s Favourite Doctor” in a survey held by the Radio Times magazine. Tennant has appeared in many spin-offs of the series. These include: his directorial debut on the 2007 “Doctor Who Confidential” episode; a small role in the show’s webcast “Scream of the Shalka”; an appearance as the Doctor in an animated version of the show for CBBC’s Totally Doctor Who, The Infinite Quest; and a starring role as the Doctor in another animated six-part Doctor Who series entitled Dreamland. An enthusiast and loyal supporter of the series, Tennant announced that he would be stepping down from the role in 2008 after his participation in the 50th anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor.” For his part in the show, Tennant won three TV Quick Awards, three SFX Awards, four National Television Awards, and two BAFTA awards, among numerous other nominations over the course of his four-year Doctor tenure.

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  1. Mac Addy
    December 22, 2016

    It is kind of scary, what DT was talking about in 49:18…. it happened. He said he won't happen, but it did. We all need the Doctor, for times like these. 😮

  2. Kari Diabo
    December 26, 2016

    What an absolutely lovely human being.

  3. SuaraNakal
    December 28, 2016

    1:10:58 Now I officially love this man!

  4. Nicole Rodriguez
    January 19, 2017

    Can anyone explain the "having all the blue m&ms removed" bit that David said at around 1:08:00

  5. Nikki Prock
    January 25, 2017

    "Pretty iconic character…I'm quite please with myself!" NOW WE KNOW IT'S SCROOGE!!!

  6. angedejeudi
    February 9, 2017

    "Oh my god, they brought you coffee! Be nice!" I loved this part way too much, that tone especially

  7. lorella40
    February 18, 2017

    Absolutely brilliant! I've enjoyed every moment!

  8. Christine Wahl
    February 21, 2017

    Thank you for this.David is just wonderful.I love him.

  9. tieraney bassett
    March 5, 2017


  10. Colouring Creations by Bec
    March 16, 2017

    Get David out to Australia ASAP

  11. MilesMcfly
    March 17, 2017

    Now i Know hes talking about Ducktales. Cant wait 😀

  12. Summer fouad
    April 25, 2017

    David Tennant is amazing can't get enough of his acting or funny conversations he's my favorite dr who

  13. Beautifullytragic6
    May 4, 2017

    He's utterly delightful.

  14. Ruth Touhey
    May 19, 2017

    Loved this honest & open interview. Great interviewer (unlike the BAFTA one) – thoroughly well researched. Delightful

  15. Mary Cummings
    June 8, 2017

    Someone needs to clone David Tennant………I'll most definitely take one!!

  16. Marilyn E. Jess
    July 15, 2017

    What a range of projects he's had over almost three decades in acting. Waiting for season three of Broadchurch was hard, and worth the wait! You have to pay attention when he's on film–not only for the performance, but for his accent, which is a challenge to understand. Worth your attention for sure.

  17. Sam tv #86#läuft kooks
    August 12, 2017

    I love this Man!!!!!!! He s cut

  18. IA1
    August 19, 2017

    David Tennant is just great.
    Moderator did great too.

  19. Amanda S
    October 4, 2017

    He is simply the sunshine of my life, period.

  20. wishvesh chaturvedi
    October 12, 2017

    There's more than an hour of David just sitting and talking and I didn't know about that for an entire year?

  21. pia91
    October 19, 2017

    And here I was, thinking I coulnd't love and admire this brilliant, funny and kind man any more!

  22. Crash Box
    December 12, 2017

    I'm the same age as DT and I can't remember Jon Pertwee's regeneration into Tom Baker. Hell, I can bearly remember Tom Baker!

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