Cult Classic B-Movie Clip: Art Hansl in House of Madness, Movie Based on Edgar Allen Poe Novel

Art Hansl Movie Clip House of Madness,which is based on an Edgar AllenPoe novel. Much of this movie was filmed in an abandoned monestary where the priets and nuns failed to keep their vows and it all unraveled when authorites founds a large stash of aborted fetuses in jars, so much for the vows of celibacy.

Art Hansl tells in his autobiography, FLASHBACKS, about the making of this movie and the many others during his ten-year movie career from 1965 to 1975. During the first five years he was starrging European movies from mainly Italian companies during what Art calls the La Dolce Vita period of Italian cinema, duirng which many major American movie stars were making the trek to appear in Italian movies. He worked in Venice, Italy, Casablanca, Eastern Euopre, and many other exotic locations.

Art Hansl, after his acting career was finished in 1975, became an successful author of popular suspense novels before writing his autobioraphy, FLASHBACKS. His experience in the movie business, combined with a good education and an ability to tell stories, gave hiim the tools to create thrilling suspense novels. His biogrpahy chronicles his fascinating journey from rich kid during the Depression to joining the Marines after the family fortune waned and then on to partying in Acapulco before it become well known and then appearing as a leading man in European and Italian movies. Then the scene goes to making movies all over Central and South America before embarking on a successful writing career beginning in 1975. His novels are highly engaging and his experience in movies, combined with a flair for the dramatic, bring forth a winning formula.

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