Dance Party for Teens – Ice Breaker games for Youth Group

(The Phoenix) Teenagers and staff of the Winners’ Camp in Hawaii, dance exercise in MUVE dance work shop. This group activity for teens is one of the MUVE Dancing Games. Removable stickers on the ground divide the students in Two groups. Each section has stickers on opposing sides. Each side has a Dance leader, suggesting a movement for the group to follow. The 2 Basic MUVEs are this dances theme. Find detailed instructions for this and all the other great MUVE dancing Games at

This fun party game works like a charm. Try it with your next party guests, or any social group you might attend. Our dancing games bring together extroverts and introverts, into one giant dance party for all. There is no age-limit for MUVE dancing!

MUVE is multi-generational, always spontaneous, dance exercise. It is a free resource for kids, adults and seniors to learn a fun way of dancing in community. Check out the dance along videos that are free and accessible for all at MUVE VideoBlog Theses videos demonstrate how all of our games run. There are videos of small groups to big groups, kindergartens to seniors, and mellow dancing to high energy dancing. We got it all! Tons of options to get your group out of their seats and grooving all together.

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