Daygame: David Wygant Infield Revealing His Secrets For Approaching Women That PUA Wish They Knew

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Quick Note: I am Ben Benson (NOT David Wygant). Because I really believe in David Wygant’s message, I help him share it by spreading his videos over YouTube. The text in this description and in the comments is MY opinion and interpretation of the content of the video. I don’t expect major differences but it’s not necessarily that of David… Obviously I have his full permission to share these videos this way… Definetely check out his channel and site if you’re interested

Approaching women is REALLY easy as you see from this infield approach. You see David Wygant infield with a student.

When he approached the group of women with a prepared opener he sounded, like a pua (pua infield videos usually suck because they usually are very inauthentic)…

But he turned it around by being authentic, confident and claiming his opener. This is really what women want.

I’m not a fan of “day game pua” I prefer the David Wygant approach of starting conversations based on simple observations… It comes across very natural.

If you go to clubs to meet women it might be a little different… I saw some rsd infield videos that I liked with a different approach, but it’s more for “night game” (in case you like the language from The Game or mystery method)

If you learn to be observant you will always have good conversation starters in supermarkets, the gym, book stores, coffee shops, …. wherever you go in your daily routine… So you won’t have to worry about how to find girls or where to meet women, because the world becomes your personal playground. There really is no best place to meet women.

(And it’s important to loosen up and not take meeting women so seriously… simple pickup videos (the drunk interviews or get her number episodes) demonstrate that in entertaining ways… )

So let’s say you see an attractive, beautiful woman standing there and you want to approach her… What do you say?

Most men look for something funny to say or a magic pickup line that will instantly attract her… But all you need for a good conversation starter is a simple observation… “how’s that sandwich?”…
It doesn’t have to be hard… it is extremely easy!

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PLUS, after you practice it a little bit you won’t have the “fear of approach” or “approach anxiety” like you have when you use canned pickup lines (natural pick up lines are way better in my opinion!)… If you want a really big secret that all naturals know … (straight from the “Fearless Code”!), for how to overcome approach anxiety, then click the link above

Because when you are fearless, you won’t have problems with being authentic… And that is the key to breeding even more REAL confidence…

And that confidence is going to make you even more attractive to women (it’s one of the most attractive alpha male traits)… Most men live their life trying to avoid rejection, but you can’t live your life this way.

You have be more present to AVOID filling your mind with crap like looking for flirting signs from women, or IOI s, wondering whether she likes you, what to say next, … And become more self-assured!

The ONLY way to get over rejection, is by taking little steps forward consistently. So even though getting rejected by a woman is inevitable, you have to realize it’s a good thing that’s going to make you a stronger man and improve all areas of your life.

You’ll meet women like it’s nothing (more than you have time to date)… And you don’t have to “work” full time as an infield pua in night clubs… Nor do you have to become a barney Stinson playbook performer…

Just follow the advice of the “real life hitch” and stop being an actor for women… Start attracting beautiful women just by going through your daily… while you have FUN…
Another lesson from this video is how to be playful with women. You see how there was immediate chemistry in the conversation. He challenges her… which is what all women want…

It’s a very important if you want to learn how to attract women.

So if you want to learn great places to meet women, how to overcome your approach anxiety and start having fun meeting women, then click the link below for access to our FREE Video on approaching women:

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  1. ElKulichi777
    September 27, 2012

    there is no pickup here

  2. IILListic
    October 4, 2012

    Why did you leave at the best part? She was into you and you didn't get her number or say like see you around…

  3. ajcivicracer
    October 6, 2012

    The video is high quality. How do you manage to keep the camera from being detected by the women? I believe people's behavior changes when they know their being filmed.

  4. pua spy
    November 4, 2012

    a) NIce situational opener.
    b) good confidence

  5. jack delgado
    December 2, 2012

    I still don't understand why he left the interaction.

  6. GettingHerNumber
    December 3, 2012

    Well… me neither… Only he can know why he didn't do it… Maybe he didn't like her, maybe he was just focussing on practicing, … whatever…

    It's useless to overthink it all so much and take it all so seriously… He didn't ask her number, no big deal!

  7. jack delgado
    December 5, 2012

    I try to push the interaction as far possible, thats the only way to learn and develop.

  8. GettingHerNumber
    December 5, 2012

    It all depends why you're doing it… If that's your preference, go for it… Questions I would have with that approach are:
    – How do you know you like a woman before you start the interaction? (Because investing time in girls you don't like, takes away time to spend with girls you do like)
    – If you don't like the woman… do still keep pushing "as far as you can"? And how far do you "push it": getting her number, getting her into bed, getting in a relationship of some kind, …?

  9. orangepeel dolan
    December 31, 2012

    you her friends out of it, the broad on the right would've got jealous and start cockblocking you sooner or later.

  10. Swagger Lee
    January 5, 2013

    I would presume it to be a deep inner entitlement issue. Kudos to him for approaching though! -Lee

  11. Richard Riley
    January 13, 2013

    Hey man I like this video

  12. ThiefKingofLegend
    January 31, 2013

    The blonde was attracted! And how did he miss the girls hi-five easy escalation no worries about not #closing but ejected for no reason why wouldn't u give him the damn water and not send him back in. u suck

  13. Macio Luko
    March 9, 2013

    Absolutely GHN. I actually did carry an interaction too far (short relationship) with a woman I was not that much into recently. I have to say I will NEVER do this again. Practice is great but the other person i real – not a youtube video. I actually thought he was quite quick on the draw here. These kinds of women are perfect for practice in field. All the little tests they throw out are great. I also think he realized he's not into her that much and any more would be too much. Great upload!

  14. Steve
    March 11, 2013


  15. mustenga B
    April 2, 2013

    approaching is easy. escalation is the hard part of the game.

  16. mustenga B
    April 2, 2013

    3 of em are hot as hell

  17. The Velvet Voice
    April 8, 2013

    I think he just got a little nervous at the end. There's more pressure to close when there's a group of girls. It's just more about practicing and building your confidence. This video has several positives he can build on.

  18. AKtrav78
    April 18, 2013

    The blonde was the critical factor/wannabe alpha, he couldn't get by her without a competent wing, and who wants to be with that kind of girl. If she ask if it's a pickup she is critical, the response is you wish.

  19. 8888rogue
    April 18, 2013

    Lack of sexual confidence.

  20. Dani Romantika
    April 24, 2013

    Hey there! thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about dating course known as Sozofintao Dating Manual (google it), but I'm not sure if it is good. Have you considered Sozofintao Dating Manual? I've heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend finally become badass with women using it, but he refuses to tell me: (

  21. brayden647
    May 16, 2013

    This is awful. Like honestly, SUCH a bad analysis. Only good part was the opening and then the "of course this is a pick up line". The commentator forgot to mention the fact that she asked for a high 5 twice and he ignored her (which is terrific) so she patted him on the chest. When you have a GIRL initiating keno, you kiss close, and you take er home to fuck her. That's it, it's done

  22. soso pinoy
    June 11, 2013


  23. soso pinoy
    June 11, 2013

    And she initiated physical play … This video sucks no follow through

  24. TheCriminalTruth
    June 28, 2013

    This isn't even true, it could be that this girl just wanted to make this dude a fool. are you kidding me? that girl was laughing at this guy, not laughing FOR this guy.

  25. codeagent47
    August 1, 2013

    the dude should've stay with the girl, she seems to like him.

  26. Joshua Mwaniki
    August 3, 2013

    dude is an idiot… the chick he was vybing was a total attention seeker..he should have talked more to the quiet ones and neg'd her while making the coversation fun for the friends that way she'll see that the convesation is more fun for her if she's compliant and he would end up being asked to swear that he's a fucking pussy.

  27. awesomeness
    September 27, 2013

    Keep doing infield approaches on youtube it is so helpful with you critiquing it.

  28. PUAKush
    December 22, 2013

    This guy has zero game. No kino, no escalation, terrible, awful. Didn't even pull number. Real PUA infields at: SquattinCassanova.

  29. marcus Law
    February 13, 2014

    why do these guys make it a big deal about getting women anyone can get them 

  30. Alberto Lopez
    June 6, 2014

    Can a short person have pick up game?

  31. Elijah Cothern
    June 17, 2014

    Thaaat suuuucked

  32. Elijah Cothern
    June 17, 2014

    Thaaat suuuucked

  33. gattaca627
    September 29, 2014

    She fucking destroyed you and called you a pussy. Grow some balls. Women don't pity fuck. There is no closing bro. She is laughing at you not laughing with you. You have to be in a great state of mind to pull a quality girl like that. Even if she gave her number, this is not going to go anywhere. He did not make an impact in the first interaction. If a woman is more funny than you, is sharper than you and leading the interaction; she is not going to spread her legs. She put you in the wimp category and is now looking for a man with balls to fuck her. 

  34. BaadMotorFinger
    April 2, 2015

    The best thing to say when a woman calls you a pussy is " I am what I EAT!"

  35. Cometh The Man
    April 15, 2015

    David why the fuck did you "throw this guy under a bus?" As your student you are meant to help him succeed and build on his already very confident/playful nature ( it takes balls to approach a group of women and this guy did an awesome job). I bet the student felt like crawling under a rock after you intentionally sabotaged/cock blocked him. I would've fucked you off then and there.

    I'm not sure why the student wagered a bottle of fucking water in the first place – I would have said , in a cocky funny way, a night with me -(after all I am the prize).

    When she called him a pussy I simply would've have said "So you're kinky, hey. Me too,,,I'm down for just about anything in the bedroom!"

  36. Jason Carranza
    December 10, 2015

    He couldn't handle the shit tests

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