Daytime Drive On Hell Road Cult House Cossart Road Chadds Ford Pennsylvanie Skull Tree Summer 2017

Driving Down Cossart Road During the Day Summer 2017 ….Early 2000’s in Chadds Ford Pennsylvania after reading the Weird PA Book… Probably the most famous tree in the entire state is the one on the Devil’s Road near the Delaware border, a misshapen creation that grows on an embankment along one of the road’s more treacherous curves. Erosion has exposed the roots, which looks like an enormous human skull or the skeletal fingers of a hand clawing at the earth. It’s this tree that the character Ivy Walker in The Village stumbles upon during her trek through the woods, and it’s probably the legend that her father, played by William Hurt, referred to in his nod-to-the-audience line about the legends of the woods.

This grotesque trunk has earned the tree many names, including the Skull Tree, the Devil’s Tree, and the Baby’s Cradle. And it has attracted many tales too, including one of an infant sacrifice left among the roots. In a gruesome nod to this tale, you can sometimes find decapitated baby dolls cradled within the tree’s bony fingers.

The tree that people refer to with the exposed roots has been filled in with concrete as of late June 2004. Ironically, M. Knight Shyamalan filmed his new movie “The Village” in fields off of this road. If you’ve seen the previews, you know it’s a story about a race of mythical creatures in the woods. Pretty ironic.

Weird Pennsylvania …

As of 2010’s the world famous Skull Tree has been fully cut down and removed.

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