Elecrow’s Outdoor Activities

Our company organized the Guangdong Heyuan Double Tour last weekend. In this journey, we first conducted intense outdoor expansion, expansion projects include a cup of water from the salary, the tug of war tear famous war game. In these projects, each team players Peigemoqi, better develop team spirit and then we go to the hot springs, water project is completely relaxing. The campfire is full of wonderful performances, first of all, including individual and team show show, this party is constantly surprises,we celebrate birthday to whom birthday in june , that’s really very touched with Hakka Oh! The culture of Heyuan, we watched the wonderful performance of the Hakka daughter married; enjoy the pleasant scenery of the lake; the taste of Hakka delicacy. In this short period of two days of travel time, everyone is full of harvest Full. This tourism not only deepen the feelings between us,but also enhance the company’s cooperation spirit.

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