Facebook Property Management Chatbot – MCST Bot

The No.1 problem with property management is the communication channel for the residents or tenants to report an issue about the premises.

For some premises, they have to walk all the way to the management office or even fill-in a physical form. For some, they can make a phone call (during office hours) or even sending a text message.

But more often than not, there will be a few rounds of back and forth before the issue is clearly identified and addressed.

🤖 The Solutions

This chatbot solution is to make the process easy and fast.

First, the management can download a unique QR code from the chatbot and then print it out and paste it around the premises for the residents to access the bot easily.

When the residents submitting an issue via the chatbot, it will ask a few questions to guide the user/resident in providing the required information. After which the issue ticket will be sent directly to the management administrator via Messenger app.

This chatbot solution can be applied to hostels, hotels, serviced apartments, dormitories, shopping malls, schools, co-working space, co-living space or any property management related industries.

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