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Feng Shui Office — How To Feng Shui Your Desk
Creating your feng shui office and learning simple techniques to feng shui your desk is simple and a highly effective way to increase your business success. Your desk is the most important piece of furniture in your workspace, which may be your home study or your desk in your office at work.
In today’s modern world, many of us work from a laptop in various locations such as coffee shops, cafes and so on. In fact, many global companies no longer assign a dedicated workspace for their employees to promote mobility and also to save costs.
Eight Steps to feng shui your desk to create your feng shui office
1.) recognize that having a dedicated desk space of your own is something you actually need! This will help you to feel more peace of mind, steadiness and consistency in your daily routine.
2.) Ensure that everything on your desk has its own dedicated place where it belongs.
3.) Keep your desk well illuminated with a desk light. This will help you focus on your work.
4.) Make sure that all wiring to electronic devices is neat and tidy, and positioned in a way that means you will not have any risk of tripping over cables.
5.) Make sure that the desk itself does not reveal your legs to other people when they enter the room or walk towards your desk. The desk should have side paneling to prevent this.
6.) Think about the size of your desk — too small a desk will cause you to feel stressed from having a lack of space. On the other hand, a desk that is too large will cause you to feel overshelmed with resonibility, especially if you’re the kind of person who easily lets paperwork pile up.
7.) Ensure that there is a solid wall directly behind you (not glass), but also ensure that you are not too close to the wall to cause you to feel uncomfortable. There should be at least 70 cm between your back and the wall.
8.) Avoid having your desk located below a sloping ceiling. If this is not possible, try to have your desk below the highest point of the sloping ceiling.
Fix any of the above points that you are currently not doing and this will lead to more success in your business!

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