First Spaces, Inside Spaces and Outdoor Spaces – Designing Spaces

Designing Spaces presents three topics for home owners; even for future homeowners! First, we dive into the world of first time mortgages, and how to cross the hurdles that are often preconceived notions. Then, we look at another type of living space-the college dorm, and how students can keep those cramped spaces organized. And, for homeowners, there are some great tips on how to organize spaces around the house too! Finally, we go out in the back yard to enjoy the pool, and find it has turned green from algae. That sparkling water has turned into an ugly pea soup color. Despite how bad it looks, we have an expert with the right tools and treatment that will have the pool back to its inviting self quicker than you would think. That’s what we do at Designing Spaces, help living spaces…get better!



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