Frydenberg Skole in Oslo, Norway

The designers of FRYDENBERG SKOLE in Oslo, Norway, faced the challenge of most schools with dynamic and complex environments full of acoustically challenging activities. The new school was being built within a converted industrial building. The high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows would make for very bright and airy spaces, however “Between the glass, concrete, brick and beams, there were hard surfaces everywhere,” recalls Lee Dade, Project Leader for Installations with ESG Bygg og Eiendom AS. To meet Norway’s strict requirements for school acoustics and allow for the varying height in the rooms, Dade and his team of ceiling specialists opted for a mix of Koral suspended ceilings, Multiflex Baffles and impact-resistant Samson wall absorbers. “ROCKFON was the only one to get the sound under control and provide the acoustics needed in the different rooms.”

Project: Frydenberg Skole, Oslo, Norway
Architect: Arch Uno AS
Ceilings: Koral™, Multiflex™ Baffles, Samson™

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