Fun Activities For Developmentally Disabled Adults

Fun Activities For Developmentally Disabled Adults

I’m a parent of a young adult son with developmental disabilities and I’m here to give you just a few thoughts and ideas of fun activities that you could do with your developmentally disabled adult child.

1. Computer – my son loves to get on the computer and go to his “top sites” where he has stored his favorite websites of shows, youtube, games and netflix. Although it’s difficult for him to manipulate the mouse, his caregivers help him.
2. Puzzle Buzz – these are books from Highlights. Remember those? Although we send a subscription to our grand kids, David also enjoys these books
3. Local dances for special needs kids and adults. Most communities have dances and local fun actives for developmentally disabled adults.

4. Joy Prom – This special prom is fairly new. It is a huge deal! This is a full blown prom complete with all the trimmings for developmentally disabled young adults. Check and see if there is one in your area.

These are just a few ideas to get your wheels turning.

I would not be able to be as involved with my son if it were not for being able to work from home.

It’s difficult to maintain a house, be involved with your other children and take care of a developmentally disabled child or adult if you have to work outside your home. For me, it’s impossible.

That’s why I work from my computer at home.

Are you in the same boat?

Check out this website to see some great ways you can work from home too. I’ll help you get started!

Have fun!


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  1. natasha sayles
    April 5, 2016

    I think this is a great thing. my name is Natasha sayles and I am living with cerebral palsy. Although I am blessed to be able to care for myself i often find my self frustrated with being disabled. For that reason I have created facebook page Natasha sayles (living with cerebral palsy) were people with disabilities or parents of disabled children ir adults can have a forum to speak about what they're going through rather good or bad feel free to look me up in facebook and speak your mind. I would love to see others point of views on dealing with a disability

  2. Celebrity Status
    September 8, 2016

    you are gorgeous David!!!!!

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