G-Pod Shipping Container Relocatable House from Advantage Homes

Relocatable or permanent quality G-Pod homes and shacks made from shipping containers from . These are from our G-Pod Container Home range. Short time from order to move in. Other options include going off-grid with an solar battery system. More information can be found at

The new G-pod shipping container home hopes to stand out from the sizable competition thanks to a novel expandable design that increases usable floor space significantly. The G-pod Dwell can also operate off-grid with optional extras that can include a rainwater collection unit and battery solar array.

Bathroom area in the Dwell Overlooking the deck area of the Dwell (Image: G-pod)The Pop is a pop-up store (Image: G-pod)The Pop is a pop-up store (Image: G-pod)View all

The Dwell is currently in production. It takes just three hours to “unpack” the Dwell converting the shipping container into a home, and another three hours to ready it for transportation again – which shouldn’t be too tricky given the existing international infrastructure for moving around shipping containers.

The Dwell’s expandable design involves manually pushing out the east, west, and south push-outs (though a push-button hydraulic system is also an option), and is a one-person job. The deck is lowered manually too, and is fitted with a spring compensator system. This clever design increases the usable floor space of the Dwell from 14.8 sq m (160 sq ft) to 37.1 sq m (400 sq ft), including the deck.

Inside, the Dwell is fully-featured and that sports a kitchen and dining area, bathroom, bed and couch, a study nook, and a laundry area. There’s also a deck, some seating and a BBQ bench. The furniture is built from sustainably-sourced bamboo.

The G-Pod Dwell is designed to operate on or off-the-grid, and additions include an optional rainwater collection system, composting toilet, and high quality solar array. The latter has an integrated battery system that allows the shipping container-based home to operate for up to three days without sunlight.

Insulation is always a real concern with shipping container-based homes, but G-pod has various glazing, insulation and screening options (air-con is an option too) that should have you covered in all weather, “from the Australian Desert to the Ski- Fields of Japan.” We can also include a very efficient solar powered DC air-conditioning system to work Off-Grid if required.

In addition to the Dwell, G-pod also sells the Pop, a similarly expandable shipping container-based unit that’s intended to serve as a pop-up store. While our G-Pod range is very exciting, we at also have other relocatable shipping container buildings available at different price points. The G-Pods are available in Australia, the USA, and many other countries so please check us out and ask any questions..

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