Good Pickup Lines At The Grocery Store

Good Pickup Lines At The Grocery Store. Are you tired of seeing that sexy woman at Whole Foods and not being able to thing of a good pickup line to say to her? Do you want to control the entire interaction so it no longer is such a mystery to you? There are good and EASY pickup lines you can use at the grocery store. In this video I share what those are. For more FREE tips and advice on good pickup lines to use everywhere you go, visit For FREE Advice Click HERE:

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  1. multisimple
    March 24, 2008

    This man knows how to get girls. period.

  2. SurveyofFilmMusic
    June 1, 2009

    excellent. good solid hair piece too!

  3. Robin Hagaman
    September 13, 2010

    Omgosh I love it!!!! Now I want a guy to flirt with me at the store now! *LOL*

  4. yodaddyxx
    November 19, 2010

    i just go up to girls and be like "hey girl, you have nice tits, ass, and pussy"

    April 28, 2012

    @tyawfwp yeah I heard that as well and… if your looking for really powerful new tech have a look at this video –>

  6. WTFukinshit
    June 3, 2012

    No what I notice? The guy "teaching" is taller than everyone else in the video. The average woman is going to respond more favorably to his applesauce comment than she would the short guy in the hat. All the pickup artists are tall. I'd love to see the 5 foot pickup artist, but he's at home alone jerking off.

  7. evacyh1
    June 6, 2012

    @elejknw yeah I know what you mean btw some of the hottest girls ive met using the tech in this ->

  8. Miroslav Kuťák
    August 16, 2012

    good excuse for you boy. A friend of mine picked up a lady on a street. They're now happily married and you know what? He's even shorter than those guys on the video.

  9. buffaloborn71
    November 10, 2012

    Not sure but I think if you ask a woman to smell her peach you could get slapped

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