Google’s Strategy Of Team Building Ideas For The Workplace

Mike Lehr takes a look at the strategy Google used to build great teams in his post

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Team Building Ideas For The Workplace According To Google

Most businesses think that building great teams begins with assembling the best people.

Google thought this too.

They looked into it.

They found great teams were still a coin toss.

Then they looked into what traits linked the people on their great teams.

Their data-oriented culture collected mountains of data on 180 teams.

They could not find any common patterns.

No mix of specific personality types, skills, backgrounds or other traits showed up.

Then they shifted.

Rather than look at the individuals on the team, they looked at the culture of the teams.

They struck it rich.

Two key ingredients stood out.

They weren’t better goals, visions or processes though.

What did Google discover?

How do we apply what they learned?

Find out in my post “Building Great Teams, Applying What Google Learned” on my blog

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Team Building Ideas For The Workplace

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