How Coffee Makes You More Productive

They say a lot can happen over coffee and rightfully so. Coffee is the world’s most loved beverage that helps the drinker kick start his day and focus better on work. Many working individuals rely on coffee to stay active and alert. That is why caffeine is an active ingredient in a number of energy drinks too. Overall, coffee can do wonders to make you stay active and be more productive. Here’s a list that shows exactly how.

Boosts memory and cognition

The cognitive and memory functions of our brain might see a considerable decrease over age. Regular intake of coffee has shown to drastically improve the cognitive function continuously over time providing long-term effects. Research has shown that when consumed with glucose, caffeine drastically improve cognitive performance in terms of memory improvement and sustained attention.

Keeps you awake

Every once in a while, we all face a situation where we find the need to stay awake longer than we usually do.  Many people for example, feel drowsy after lunch at the workplace. A cup of coffee taken at the right time will keep you alert and awake for a long time.  Although, be wary that this effect of coffee stays for a long time and if taken within 8 hours before sleep can keep you awake at night.

Manages weight

Obesity and the resulting sluggishness, mainly among people who need to sit at their work desks for long hours is at an all-time rise. The tiredness and sluggishness that obese people feel affect their overall productivity and make them slow. Coffee has amazing fat burning qualities that improve your metabolic rate by a good 3 to 11% which in turn helps you burn excess fat, which helps you stay more active, alert and agile all day long.

Improves mood and removes fatigue

To stay active and productive, we all need to be in a good mood. Feeling fatigued can affect your attention and focus massively. Coffee can mitigate those effects thereby controling your mood swings, prevent  depression and keep you happy thereby boosting your productivity..Caffeine also reduces inflammation in the body, which ensures that you find quick relief from pain such as headaches that can severely distract you from work. The dopamine that is released when stimulated by coffee improves mood and stabilized emotions throughout the day ensuring and increased productivity.

Improves will power

Most of the decisions we make are the results of our will power. That is the reason a few of us can take up more challenges in life than others. Coffee can strengthen your willpower and courage, especially at times when you feel exhausted. It is always a good idea to make decisions only when you are calm and relaxed, and this is what coffee can provide you with. You can stand by your ground and make the right decisions with coffee, thereby helping you a lot in your work and productivity.

Apart from these, coffee also has a wide variety of other health benefits as well. It reduces inflammation, improves cardiovascular condition, controls diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and others. When you are fit and healthy, you remain more active and productive. It is important to know both the advantage and disadvantages of coffee to refrain from over drinking coffee that can have an adverse effect on your health. Enjoy coffee in moderate amounts and pay attention to your sleeping habits and stress levels.

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