How I Increased My Productivity From Working At A Coffee Shop

Long working hours and ever-increasing demand for high productivity can leave many working professionals overwhelmed. With productivity at the core of every business, we are always looking for ways to enhance the same.  Sitting for long hours at the desk and working on the screen continuously left me slumped, and sometimes I lacked ideas. I found that it was affecting my productivity. So, I was wondering what could be the way out. I have always been a fan of coffee, and I firmly believe that you can make anything happen with coffee by your side. So, I decided to experiment and work at a coffee shop, and the results were good.

My First-Hand Experience at the Coffee Shop

Unlike the other days at work, I decided to visit the nearest coffee shop. Thankfully, my work involved working on the screen, so I had the leverage to work from any place. But this time, I decided to make coffee shop as my workplace. I reached there and ordered my favorite coffee. As I sipped coffee, I found that it was easier for me now to focus on my to-do list. I could easily scour through my work and prioritize my list of work. I had always heard about the coffee shop effect, but this was my first attempt at it. I found that the work that took around 4-5 hours in normal working days at the office took just 2-3 hours at the coffee shop.

What makes working at a coffee shop so effective?

Even I was wondering how a coffee shop can have such a positive impact on my productivity. Well, it led me down for some research. Then, I found that two factors contributed to this:

  1. The ambiance at the coffee shop– You would agree that coffee shops usually have a calm and relaxing ambiance. Here we are referring to coffee shops that are quieter and not those that are crowded with people socializing as such a setting would rather lead to distraction while working. Unlike the regular days at the office where you feel like always under the gauge, especially when you have some important assignment to complete, the friendly ambience of the coffee shop lessens the stress and helps focus better. Whenever one needs a break, one can sip coffee and take a look around to feel rejuvenated and get back to work.
  2. The ‘Coffee effect’: Coffee definitely is a wonder drink and helps in boosting the energy while taking the stress away and allowing one to focus on work. Secondly, the caffeine keeps you alert allowing you to work for long with concentration. These and more benefits of coffee help one work well at the coffee shop thus becoming more productive.

Final Thoughts

Coffee is a great drink, and doing work at a coffee shop definitely helps to boost productivity. But it also becomes important to mention here that one must limit the consumption of coffee and too much coffee can become an addiction.

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