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In this video, we discuss the most common ways to approach girls on the street, with the ultimate aim to integrate this into your daily life.

It only makes sense to make use of such a good opportunity to include a bit of social interaction in your routine.

The main ideas are:

– not needing a reason to start a conversation with a girl; we present a direct style built on cold reading, where looking attentively at the person you are talking to will give you plenty of topics for conversation and good banter

– being in tune with who you are, expressing your sense of humor and clicking with the likewise people who get you

– have a default line to fall back on when you don’t have anything to say

– improvise, adapt, overcome: when things don’t work out as planned, be ready to adjust on the fly and play along

– humor is your best friend when easing your way into social interactions; amusing yourself will guarantee that you have a good time regardless of the outcome

– make assumptions and guesses instead of asking bland questions: it is generally more playful and entertaining to make statements and try to guess things like nationality, occupation or age

– become comfortable with not having a plan or script; own what you think and build the confidence to express it


XY Play puts the fun back into meeting girls.

We’re just two dudes who have been doing this for over six years and are here to show you that so can you. Whatever reason you’re watching our videos for – getting good with girls, finding a girlfriend, or just generally becoming a more confident guy, we will share our experiences and knowledge with you, so that you can achieve your ambitions.

Ultimately, we want you to start seeing meeting and dating new girls for what it really is, a fun and exciting adventure. We hope you enjoy watching us pick up girls as much as we enjoy doing it.

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    February 1, 2018

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    March 18, 2018

    Great stuff here guys!

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