How To Attract A Girl BEFORE You Approach Her – Use This To Make Her WANT To Talk To You!

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Knowing “How to attract a woman before you approach her” is key if you want women to be open to you talking to her.

Especially if you feel nervous about getting “rejected” or you’re a little shy or uncomfortable taking social risks knowing how to get her interested in you before you even start to talk to her can be the difference between you taking action or simply never getting to talk to her at all.

So when it comes to approaching women at parties, or in bars or coffee shops you can do several things to raise your level of attractiveness before you even start to talk to her. Doing these things will mean that she already sees you as a guy she can trust and who she doesn’t need to be wary around. She will also see you as a guy who other people like which raises your social status in her mind and makes you more attractive.

Best of all, when you finally talk to her you are in the right state to be confident and comfortable, even if you usually get a little nervous meeting attractive women.

So, try out the strategies in this video. They don’t just work at parties, but in most social environments where people are together in the same place, like in a bar, coffee shop, clubs, hotel lobbies, restaurants…

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How to attract a woman before you approach her

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  1. ss aqeel
    May 15, 2015

    Great Advice 

    Thank you;.

  2. Frankie Cardona
    May 15, 2015

    Yes sir

  3. Frankie Cardona
    May 15, 2015

    Ok so nature does demand for the male to make the first move

  4. Frankie Cardona
    May 15, 2015

    ok men have to be the hunters providers the gentleman and the strong one so wtf do the women have to do?

  5. Remi Tomsa
    May 16, 2015

    I did the mistake to linger too much just as Stephan said ,waiting for the ''right'' moment but is not working  .  It's always best to be fast and strong and not delay your move the second you saw some interest from the woman . This means just some minutes of glances ,then you go strong and confident to her and start a conversation .

  6. Jeet bose
    May 17, 2015

    Hey Stephan u r suprb bro…..U r totally diff.. Frm all others love gure..haha…Ur tricks r naturall and it works……
    Stephan i wld lk u to sort a prblm fr me….Bro i hv a large field of view….Its like while tlkng in a grp or in class.. Without drctly lkng at the girl I can c her.. Does it makes them feel cool or irritated…..If it make thm irritated tl me hw to wrk upon it!!!

  7. Jeet bose
    May 17, 2015

    Stephan u r suprb bro….U r totally diff frm other love guru…haha…
    Stephan i nd ur hlp ..I hv a lrge field of view…..Like i can c the girl wthout actualy lkng at her,if tht makes sense….Bro i wnt to knw does it make her fell good or un comfortable….If it annoyes anyone tl hw to come out of it…

  8. bharath r
    May 17, 2015

    This video is very gud I found it very useful thank you

  9. bigheart270
    May 25, 2015

    Fuck women. Men should work hard for themselves and spend few hours on whores every week. Stay happy and enjoy your life and don't let a whore enjoy your hard work and success…the time wasted on women should be invested in yourself.

  10. Ratan Tanwar
    May 27, 2015

    Bro you are a nice guy, i respect u but when i see the number of subscribers you have then i get sad, because u deserve more, may be u should start doing different types of videos like picking up girls – i'm telling u this because only these type of videos get people coming and watching them. I know pickup is not ur thing but i think thats how u will get more subscribers quickly

  11. Starscream
    June 27, 2015

    That's more of a party/bar advice. If it's a girl at school and she doesn't notice you, you can pretty much just go either direct/indirect. You don't have much to lose, but you have everything to gain.

  12. DKsen
    July 15, 2015

    Stephan, I had the impression you actually have a 'strong' German accent, but it doesn't seem you are German… You have an idea where that impression might originate from?

  13. Steve Oosterhof
    July 31, 2015

    Stephen, great advise and down to earth. Not all guys can use the direct no nonsense approach to women in which one booboo and you're out. This is a more natural and relaxed indirect approach. Good work relating the technique.

  14. Daniel Myers
    August 10, 2015

    Less than 7000 views? Everyone who watch this video is so far ahead of the game already! 😉

  15. Dandeeman26
    September 7, 2015

    Makes since.

  16. Cully Schmetterling
    September 27, 2015

    I am unsure whether or not there is a causal relationship to my experience, but this is what has happened.
    When I was a teenager and a 20-something I approached women. Zip. I could almost not get a date.
    It was so bad that I counted "fuck off you freak" as a successful interaction. Australian girls tend to be direct, in that way.
    About the age of 30 I simply gave up and walked away from women. No longer interested. I would go so far as to say that there is an active disinterest, most of the time. I am 100 per cent heterosexual, but the gain is not worth the pain.
    Now, women approach me. Usually it is indirectly, of course, but I can hardly sit in the campus cafe (I am a mature-age student at the moment) without one of the female mature-age students inviting herself to my table on the pretext of wanting help with some aspect of her course work. Even female staff invite themselves to sit down.
    In other contexts, women start conversations with me and drop huge hints. I pretend to not notice the hints and keep the conversation on a strictly business or platonic level. This makes them try harder. Some of these women are married, which I find a tad disturbing.
    It seems that when something is on offer, women do not want it. When a man shows zero interest in them, they seem to notice and try to provoke a positive response from the man. A male who is not interested in them sexually seems to not compute in the female brain.

  17. Carlos Soares
    October 5, 2015

    Golden words. Thank you!

  18. Raffaello P
    February 10, 2016

    in other words: be a different person than you are….very nice advice, thanks


  19. Lighting beast
    March 26, 2016

    So I mint a girl on hot or not and she is very shy girl and Me and her been taking alot she asked me out for prom the problem is we never mint in person yet I don't know how to start a conversation can u make a video plzz I watch alot of your videoes someone help me out

  20. TheRobboxxx
    June 28, 2016

    Great video, many thanks!

  21. Tony 2bless
    August 24, 2016

    hey Bro, I like this. u know am such a guy who Think too much before I Approach to a women. so I think this will help me. Thanks Bro

  22. Sibusiso Mkhabela
    October 15, 2016

    nice strategy!

  23. Yash Doshi
    October 18, 2016


  24. Chris Cannabis
    February 10, 2017

    Those who hesitate..masturbate

  25. Amgad Silim
    October 19, 2017

    Thank you very much it's a wonderful video..I would appreciate it if there are other approaches to overcome age gap. I mean if a man in a good shape is older than a girl he loves and felt like it's impossible to approach her because of his age. Thank you again

  26. Dilermando Reis
    November 4, 2017

    You're great, stephan!

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