How To Find A Good Coffee Shop To Work From

Coffee has always been a preferred beverage that acts as an instant source of energy and a gives a quick boost to alertness and activity of the mind. The mental agility that a cup of coffee provides its drinker with makes coffee shops a preferred location for people who need their cuppa to keep them going. Recent studies have shown that watching someone else working hard is contagious. When you see someone else at work in coffee shops, your mind instantly follows suit and you tend to increase your own efforts. When you work remotely or as a freelancer, working at a coffee shop helps find a stable and healthy space and boundary between family life and work life. Here are a few things to remember when finding your best coffee shop for working.

  • Look for “Coffee Shops Near Me” on the Internet: Many people who work from remote locations or who prefer working from coffee shops usually have a list of coffee shops in their locality handy. The Internet has made our life easy. You can look for coffee shops near you online and you will get a list in seconds. Do check the reviews of the visitors, quality of their snacks & coffee, menu card with prices, and also pictures of the shop. All such things will help you find a perfect coffee shop to work from. Other people’s experiences will help you decide better. There are local service apps too, and you can even ask family and friends to help you find a good coffee shop.
  • Work-friendly coffee shops: Not all coffee shops are work-friendly in the sense that they might not want one person occupy a table for a long time. They may or may not have Wi-Fi. Try to find a shop that is friendlier to people interested in working at a coffee shop. Even better if you find one that is frequented by other workers as it would help increase your productivity (remember the contagious effect).
  • How close is the coffee shop from your location: When you are working on an hourly basis, you do not have time to waste on long commutes. Focus, therefore, on finding a shop that is nearest to you. Staying within a 10-15 min radius is ideal. Use Google to find a shop closest to you. Also, ensure it is not located in a noisy marketplace.
  • Opening and Closing Hours: Never forget to check the shop’s opening and closing hours. It would be disappointing to rush to the shop to finish work that is close to the deadline, only to find its not open yet, or worse still, to be asked to leave just when you have gotten into your flow because it’s the closing time. Check their website, ask around, read the boards outside the shop or ask the staff about their hours.
  • The setting of the coffee shop is important: Ambiance is one of the key aspects of an ideal workplace. Ensure that the shop has just the right amount of lightning, seats, atmosphere and good coffee to help you concentrate better. If you are planning to spend the next 7 to 8 hours at a shop, you need to ensure the seats are comfortable for you. Friendly and courteous staff is another important aspect to consider.
  • Laptop/Mobile charging outlets: Scout the shop for the availability of charging outlets. Locate the seats that have the easiest access to charging outlets ensuring you can reach one when you need it, especially when you are in for a long haul.

Finding an ideal coffee shop where you will spend quite a few hours a day is not easy. If you are looking for a place where other people are not constantly sneering at you for a table, then best is to look for a place that’s frequented by other workers like you.




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