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Where should you go (or look) if you want to meet a compatible mate? How can you guarantee that the people you meet will be a good match for you? How can you ensure that you’ll share the same interests?

If you want to meet a compatible dating partner, wouldn’t it make sense to frequent the places they naturally hang out?

If you don’t, how do you intend to meet them? In a bar or club? Ok, that might work, but how can you guarantee that meeting someone in one of these environments will produce a compatible match?

You can’t. But you can make a safer bet–for instance, that a person who is healthy and in shape has a certain routine they like to stay on that guarantees they frequent specific locations, like the gym or health food store.

Hey guys, it’s Emyli and you’re watching EmLovzTV, the place to be if you’re looking to meet and attract the perfect partner.

Location selection plays a major role in our day-to-lives. The stores we shop in, the gyms we go to, and the social events we attend all tell a story about the type of people we are.

Last episode we concluded our four-part location selection series, which discussed how location selection can affect a date itself.

Today we’re going to talk about how selecting the correct environments can also influence the type of people we meet.

Why is this important? Because if you want to meet a compatible partner you should frequent the places they naturally hang out.

In this segment of EmLovzTV, you’re going to learn how to select the proper location to meet compatible, who share the same interests, that you might actually want to date.

So how do you do it?

Step #1: Make a list of 10 places you would expect your ideal partner to spend his or her time. Here’s a hint:

Smart people tend to frequent coffee shops, libraries, book stores, live speaking events and conferences in work areas (you can interact with them on lunch breaks and after work).

People who like to maintain their physical health hang out at the gym, yoga classes, the mall, Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, etc.

People with a good sense of humor might be at a comedy class or comedy show.

Animal lovers might be at an adoption, charity event, or Petco.

There are many more options and the easiest place to look is on There you will find a plethora of free events and activities to choose from.

Step #2: Visit 3 of these locations and initiate conversation with someone you don’t know with the goal of having a meaningful conversation with them.

A meaningful conversation is defined as a conversation that lasts no less than 5 minutes and one where both parties share at least 3 pieces of emotionally significant information about themselves.

You don’t have to ask beautiful men or women for their phone numbers and you don’t even have to talk to them directly, anyone in the environment will do.

Simply go to the locations they are likely to be and talk with new people, they can be anyone in those locations. Today you might try the mall. Talk to the vendors there, they are paid to talk to customers. You might even tell them that you were forced into doing this awful exercise by your raving lunatic dating coach and you feel totally weird. People love stories like that. You can do it!

Step #3: Next, simply place yourself in the environments she is likely to be. Turn down the volume on your logical side and allow your emotional side to come through. That’s what she’ll be attracted to.

This week identify the places where your ideal partner might be found and then go there and initiate conversations with people.

And now you know how to select the proper location to meet compatible, who share the same interests, that you might actually want to date.

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Now I want to hear from you! Tell me about your favorite location in San Francisco to meet compatible people in the comments below.

Thanks so much for watching EmLovzTV and keep up the good work because you deserve the perfect partner.

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