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coffee shop supplies wholesale.Is opening a coffee shop right for you? Maybe! Maybe Not! Opening a coffee shop will definitely provide you with many opportunities and challenges. Are you looking for a way to supplement your current income. Did you know that for less than $500.00 you can start a coffee service company that generates you over a $1,000.00 a month by only working a few hours a week?

So who am I?

I’m the former co-owner of two successful coffee shops and have helped numerous people open their very own coffee shop. I decided to get involved in the coffee industry for several reasons, here are a few:

Wanted to be free to do something that I love.
Wanted to be free to set my own schedule.
Wanted to spend my time getting to know people.
Wanted to get some ” free ” coffee. 🙂

Are you ready for freedom from someone telling when you have to be at work in the morning? Are you ready to actually get paid what you’re worth? Are you ready to wake up every morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee?

“They” Haven’t Told The Truth!

There are some people within the coffee industry who have not been telling the truth about how much it actually cost to open a coffee shop or open a coffee service business. There are two reasons for this.

They are trying to sell you something. Either some really expensive equipment, or some expensive consulting.
“They” don’t want to create more competition for themselves (ie, other coffee shop owners).

Let me introduce myself, my name is Wayne Mullins and I am the former co-owner of two successful coffee shops . I was recruited by the founder of a coffee shop to come help him grow his existing coffee shop, and open a new location.

But there was a catch…..

He wanted to open the new coffee shop in under 6 months. I knew it would be possible, but we would need to create a system to make sure that we didn’t waste any time. After I told him it could be done it in less than 6 months, he said he had one more “small” requirement. He said it had to be opened for less than $25,000!

Back to the “drawing board” I went. I wasn’t even sure were to start. You see, I had never been involved in the coffee industry before. Actually, I had never even worked at a restaurant either.

That’s only half the story…..

Why would the owner of a coffee shop call me and try to recruit me?

Honestly, it had nothing to do with my skills or abilities. Well, what was his reason for recruiting me?

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    October 1, 2013

    Hi gentaha presila, can u email me,

  2. theartist53
    March 5, 2015

    thank you for a good video.  I hope to open a shop in the very near future.  Any other info would be fabulous.

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