Icebreaker Games for Teens – Dance Aerobic Workout thats Fun for Teens

Song: Say Hey by Michael Franti.
There are many MUVE dancing games you can use to ignite a fun activity with any group. If your group are long time friends or new to know, this game is a great ice breaker game that supports creativity, positive social interaction and physical fitness. Whether you are looking to occupy a group of kids with fun games at a slumber party, or want to inspire new students to playfully interact with the class, MUVE has got a game for you. Check them all out at

There is no prior knowledge needed for the game. All games are super easy, and people of all shapes, sizes and age groups and abilities can play these community building games together. For large groups we recommend that you prepare a MUVE dancing grid with removable stickers and tape. However, there are several games that you can do with absolutely no preparation.

The game above is called “independent TRIANGLES”. Ask your players to form teams of 3 and stand at the corner of a triangle. Two corners of the triangle are green and one special dot is red. Then let them decide who will be the first dance leader for their team, they will stand on the red dot aka, the “Leader-Spots” (Muse-spot). The Muse will provide the dance inspiration for the other two players. Then demonstrate the “Huli Huli” rotation principle with one of the Triangle-team. “Huli Huli” means: Everybody moves one position clockwise. Now we have a new leader in the Triangle. Have everyone practice the Huli Huli rotation without music first.

There are many variations to this crowd pleasing game. You can find them all here
One easy variation is to call for a MIX-UP. Now everybody finds a brand new team and the games starts over again. MIX-UPs help to connect people who might be shy approaching someone they don’t know. In MUVE we dance with EVERYONE, not just our close friends. This is how you can open up connections between individuals in a safe and playful way.

Learn about MUVE for school kids, preschooler, teenagers, seniors, individuals with special needs, people at work or exercisers at home at our website There are over 200 dance along videos available for free at our blog

If your are an educator see how MUVE translates into super fun for any school group There are lesson plans and teaching tools available to make your job easier. Healthy exercise disguised as fun might just be what you need for your students.

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  1. MUVEmethod
    September 22, 2014

    If you have a large group and want a game that encourages creative expression and promotes fun fitness– try out one of MUVE's dancing games. This one is 'Independent Triangles'. Whoever is on the MUSE spot, inspires other players with dance moves. I played this game with 50 elementary students this weekend and they loved it!

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