ILive Cafe Interior by Soesthetic group

ILive Cafe Interior
by Soesthetic group (

The restaurant was designed and built in 30 days. The space we had to work with was located on a semi-basement floor and consisted of three small rooms, with many protroding concrete elements of the building’s foundation. These were later transformed into cosy seating places. The only sources of natural light were an entrance door and a smatt recessed window. Due to that we prefered to use white where possible, to provide maximum daylight reflectivity.

Staying true to the restaurants concept of healthy food and eco-friendly design, we used mostly natural finishing materials like wood massive and ceramics. In the original concept a living green wall was to be made along the walls, but due to near impossible construction deadlines and low natural lighting we opted to simulate it using artificial lawn. This turned out to have it’s own strong points. We were able to place text and logos on the walls using two different heights of grass. Over time it has become the most recognisable feature of the design.

At the heart of the restaurant is the bar, where visitors as well as ordering non-alcoholic drinks can also watch master classes and even participate in the cooking process. The glass partition at the entrance separates the antechamber fromthe main hatt and provides a surface for advertising. On the baring wall that splits the main hall into two areas, cork was used for finishing, to pin leaflets, news bords and child crativity, although in the original concept a chalk board was to be in its place. Funny Videos

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