Improve Employee Development and Team Building Activities with FISH! Trainer Tools (Trailer)

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Finally Easy Tools to Help Motivate and Engage Employee Training With Proven Results.

FISH! Trainer Tools will help you create the same powerful learning events our facilitators do and team building build alignment with leadership so critical to success. Tools that ensure participants are the center of the experience as fully motivated and engaged learners, not passive observers. This is how you improve team building and engage in the best team building activities, exercises and events.

Everything you need to create and lead a memorable event, then sustain this energy, including:
• PowerPoint slides and reproducible handouts for participants
• Twenty-nine short videos showing experienced facilitators in action, modeling proven techniques
• Workbook with activities and exercises to help people see the relevance of FISH! to their lives and work

The benefits:
• Team building activities proven to accelerate employee development.
• Save time and energy with customizable outlines for your FISH! event.
• Meet the needs of facilitators, managers and participants through multiple learning styles.
• Sustain long-term growth and change through supplementary materials.
• Planning is made easy with all the materials provided!
• Supports broader FISH! initiatives and culture transforming programs

Looking for the best team building ideas for motivating employees? Then look no further… When you team with ChartHouse Learning, you’re not just hiring our expertise. You’re also drawing on the experience we’ve gleaned from helping thousands of organizations to live The FISH! Philosophy.

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