Increase Employee Engagement and Motivation with FISH! Culture Video Training Series (Trailer)

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Creating the ideal workplace culture with FISH! Culture Video Training Series. Improve employee retention with the best employee engagement training programs available!

Employee engagement is defined by the Society for Human Resource Management
(SHRM, 2007), as “the extent to which employees commit to something or someone in their organization, how hard they work and how long they stay as a result of that commitment.” According to research done by Blessing-White (2011), engaged employees plan to stay for what they give; the disengaged stay for what they get. Employee engagement is a complex issue, and there are many ways to improve employee’s sense of vital commitment to your organization.

How we talk about our work shapes the way we think and act. Positive or negative, our conversations literally are our culture. FISH! Culture is a step-by-step process that guides your team into creating an ideal workplace. You’ll learn how the FISH! Philosophy applies, how to put it into action, how to keep the momentum growing, in helping your team to:
• Develop a shared vision of service to customers, internal and external
• Clarify common values towards each other
• Recognize new opportunities to make a positive difference for others
• Become proactive in creating a more effective environment

ChartHouse Learning studied the impact of a highly engaged workplace at Seattle’s Pike’s Place Market. What they found were four key practices that inspired high employee engagement;
• Play (throwing yourself into your work),
• Make Their Day, (watch your impact),
• Choose Your Attitude, (it’s contagious),
• and Be There (be fully present).

ChartHouse Learning then created a training video that inspires others to see the real value of the four practices. The FISH! Philosophy can play an important role in helping employees feel connected and happy on the job. According to SHRM, “the level of emotional commitment—the extent to which the employee derives enjoyment, meaning, pride or inspiration from something or someone in the organization—is a significant variable in engagement.” The FISH! Philosophy’s four practices provide a real-life case study of the value of enjoyment and meaning at work. These four practices create an emotional rallying point for employees. Emotional commitment is important to employee engagement.

Employees’ sense of well-being is critical to sustain engagement. The FISH! Philosophy provides a viable model for launching an employee engagement program, or rebuilding an existing one. Seeing an actual example of highly engaged employees allows your employees to see the real possibilities that exist for their own sense of engagement. Experiencing a transformative work environment like The Pike’s Place Market can launch the transfer of key learning’s to your organization.

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