Increasing Revenue for Coffee Business, Pat Grant, Master Roaster, Greenbean Coffee Roasters

Increasing revenues when selling coffee

Coffee shops and cafes can increase their revenues by improving the customer experience and providing options and extras that the customer can’t get elsewhere or at home.By sourcing and serving quality coffee in the right way, your business will grow.

Different drinks boost revenues
If you want to add more revenue, a good tip is to add a variety of recipes. The coffee machine basically makes espresso. What you add to the espresso is what adds value. Most coffee shops add milk to make cappuccinos and lattes. At Greenbean we have more than 10 years’ experience making other kinds of recipes. An example of additional menu items would be adding such things as syrups, ice cream and marshmallows. This allows us to offer new products and different products to the consumer. Customers value the variety and will pay more for it.

The espresso machine is a wonderful machine and with a bit of imagination you can create an infinite number of recipes. I hope you have benefited from this series of videos on coffee. I hope you have picked up some tips on how to buy and sell coffee

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