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Given how saturated the hospitality industry is, a small café or restaurant needs a good interior design. Our approach to hospitality design is all about cohesion; connecting a café’s visual identity, menu and interior design. We believe that you not only eat with your eyes, that all our senses are engaged in a dining experience.

So here are our top tips for what makes good interior design in cafés:

1. Personality, diners respond to a story. Behind every café or at least every café owner there is a story. Translating this story into the interior design of a café makes the diner feel good, like they are part of something big, something they talk about.

2. Cohesion, a good café needs to be cohesive that means there is a connection between the name of the café, the menu, and the interior design.

3. Comfort, whether the café has standard tables and chairs or bar tables and stools, or even a communal table, the seating needs to be comfortable for the diners.

4. Noise, a café needs some sound absorbency to allow diners to talk to each other without shouting.

5. Light, lighting plays a big role in a café, you need enough light for the café to be functional for the wait staff, you need ambient lighting to create a nice mood and ornamental lighting to add aesthetically to the overall look.

There are some cafes with a great interior design, where the story extends to the menu design, table setting, even the entrance reflects the story inside. If you’re planning to open a café, bar or restaurant contact us to discuss how your business can benefit from a cohesive interior design.

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