Introducing Questily – Make Learning A Team Sport

Questily’s Quests are 1-to-Many iPad Activities created by teachers for teachers, to build 21st-Century Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking skills in every student, while they practice Common Core skills in small teams. Quests meet in the middle of iPad apps and paper-based activities, as blended-learning activities particularly well suited for centers.

Each team of 2 or 3 students works together to solve Quests at their own pace and level of difficulty. Quests put iPad technology directly in students hands, while freeing the classroom teacher to walk around and coach students, and evaluate paper-based Challenges. Each Quest consists of 5 Challenges. Each Challenge combines a teacher-curated iPad app for skill development, with a teacher-created, paper-based assessment so students can demonstrate mastery of each skill. 90% of Challenges are aligned to a specific Common Core skill, with some brain-teaser Challenges thrown to make it even more fun.

The Free Questily App makes learning a team-based game, rewarding teams for progress, while seamlessly launching the app that was hand-picked by the teacher who authored each Challenge.

One iPad per team reduces IT costs up to 900% over 1-1 iPad solutions. Questions? Contact John Miniati (Founder and CEO) at

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