LED Fluorescent Writing Board 23.6″x15.7″ (60x40cm) (item#408-407/408-412)

LED Fluorescent Writing Board 23.6″x15.7″ (60x40cm)
Great product for catching your customers’eyes! With this LED handwriting illuminate fluorescent board you can write on business sign, menu or any message and make them shine and changing colors, ones people look at it, they can’t miss it! This board is durable and rewritable, you can change the content anytime when you feel tired of it. Create your own design and forget about the fixed signs which are easy to make people boring! Buy one, and get lots!

Recommended Application: Night business shops, café, restaurants, bars, pubs, disco and malls signs, party deco, menu boards, special offers, children educations, meeting memos, etc.

1.Shows your shop or NEWS to your customers wonderfully and colorfully
2.Can be changed text, words, pictures anytime, provide real-time information, promotes your business on your own way powerfully
3.With RGB LED colorful bulbs inside. Including a remote control for you to change the colors, brightness or flashing modes by your will
4.Scratch resistant toughened glass screen can be repeated used, easy for writing and erasing with a wet towel or a dedicated microfiber wipe
5. Safe and energy-saving. Long lifespan which can work for 100,000 hours
6. Light weight, easy to move or carry
7. 12 LED flashing modes

Input: 110V-240V 50-60Hz
Output: 12V-1500mA
Frame material: black aluminum alloy metal
Panel material: ACRYLIC
Package Content:1 x LED handwriting illuminated fluorescent board 60x40cm, 1 x AC Adapter

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