Lightweight Camp Games

Save weight and carry less with these lightweight camp games!
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Spice up your down time at camp with these simple, lightweight, camp games. Be considerate of your surroundings and play these games only on durable camp surfaces.


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  1. AG Survival
    May 27, 2016

    brilliant guys!

  2. Rich Schwartz
    June 14, 2016

    Cool ideas! Thank you for sharing. God bless and stay safe.

  3. Dantick09
    June 14, 2016

    Karen topple, I thought you would topple someone named Karen xD

  4. Cr0cket20
    June 17, 2016

    Nice. These would be fun to play with the kids too. show them they don't need electronics 24/7 to have fun.

  5. Stoned Stupid
    September 30, 2016

    Cool channel

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