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We’re very excited to bring this free, weekly publication to local restaurants, coffee shops, hair salons, professional offices, community buildings and other local businesses where people have a few minutes to read good news and fun features while waiting. Our goal is to be “everywhere” within the community to maximize enjoyment for our readers and exposure for our local advertisers.


Established in 2002.

Coffee News® is the most widely distributed restaurant publication in the world and has been hugely successful in helping small and medium sized businesses all over Dallas / Fort Worth.

Meet the Business Owner

Tim Evans acquired Coffee News in 2008 and took it from 4 communities in Northeast Tarrant county to over 3 counties in half of the DFW Metroplex and is now the largest U.S. franchise with 8 team members running 14 community good news papers. Since then, Tim has transformed the business into a boutique media group that significantly improves your marketing ROI.

TEN pretty good reasons to consider Coffee News®

EXCLUSIVITY: Coffee News® guarantees exclusivity by business category for all our advertisers. When you advertise in Coffee News® you lock out your competition!

REPETITION: Ads run for at least thirteen consecutive weeks at a rate lower than spot advertising with other print media. Even small businesses can afford to advertise regularly. Reach, repetition and frequency bring results!

TARGET MARKET: If you want to target your local neighborhood market (as well as the tourists who visit), there’s no better way. It’s all about precision.

SIZE: Yes, it does matter. All ads are 3″ x 2″. There is so no gigantic ad can crowding you out. We’re an equal opportunity publication! AD PLACEMENT: Ads are also rotated weekly to make sure all advertisers get a fair shake at equal exposure.

EDITS: Changes to your ad to meet your marketing needs can be made easily, with just a phone call or an email.

MARKETING CAMPAIGNS: Coffee News® can be the perfect addition to your advertising media mix.

THE POSITIVE VIBE: When potential Coffee News® customers see your ad they are already in a positive frame of mind because they are reading good news. EXPOSURE: Your ad in Coffee News® will be viewed by 1,000’s of targeted readers every week. It is equivalent to passing out 1,000’s of your business cards weekly, building top of mind awareness.

SOCIAL MEDIA EXPOSURE: We run your ads on our local website as well as sharing your ad with our Facebook followers.

FRONT/BACK PAGE DISPLAY: Unlike many multi-paged publications, Coffee News® is a single page with ads running on the front or back page. Your ad will always be on the Front Page or Back Page and never buried somewhere on an inside page, which greatly increases the probability of your ad being seen.

OUR GUARANTEE: Your ad runs correctly or your ad runs free!

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