Local SEO Packages for Small Buisnesses: How To Get It Right

If you work as a local SEO or are a business owner doing it yourself, chances are, you’ve come across duplicate Google places listings. This guide hels you get it right with your local SEO packages for small businesses. This is a problem since having two or more places listings can get you dropped from the places listings results all together or at the very least, your reviews will be split among different listings.

So, there is a proper way to delete a duplicate Google Places listing, and it’s important to get this right. If you were to perhaps delete it from the dashboard of your places account first, the listing would remain and you have just lost the ability to delete it at all.

The best practice here is to first claim the duplicate listing and validate that you are in fact the business owner. You could actually “suspend” the listing without verifying, but I would say this is a last ditch technique. You’re much better claiming the duplicate first (via phone or postcard with a pin code) and then deleting. Google doesn’t seem to specify exactly which method it will use for verification for a given listing. Sometimes you get lucky with a phone call, other times you wait two weeks for a postcard to hopefully arrive. Seems like a waste of snail mail and a little backwards for such a cutting-edge Internet company to me, but that’s the way it is.

So here’s how to do it.

> Firstly, go ahead and login to your Google Places account
> Select Delete, which is plainly visible next to the listing.
> Now you have two options. The one you want is to “remove this listing from Google Maps”
> Make sure you have the correct listing and all your ducks are in a row and then Save Changes.

Then the listing will show as suspended in your dashboard. If you want to completely remove from the dashboard all together, select “remove this listing from my Google Places account”, and that’s it.

I like to wait until Google Places updates the changes in SERPs before actually removing the listing from the dashboard, but that’s up to you.

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