Mocha Choca Lattes – Rockin White Hazel (How to make like GREAT coffee shops)

This is a video of me making one of my signature drinks, and I’m sharing the recipe because it’s too damned good not to.

One of my signature drinks!
The One & Only:
Rockin’ White Hazel!!

Not for the faint, you may adjust to your palette, it’s pretty strong.

5 shots of espresso
1 ENTIRE ice cube tray of ice
approx. 3-4 tablespoons of Monin White Chocolate Flavor Sauce
1 shot/1 ounce of DaVinci Gourmet Turkish Hazelnut syrup
1 tablespoon of Maxwell House (International) dry creamer **Flavor: “Suisse Mocha* **
1 cup of Darigold Old Fashioned Chocolate Milk

Place into blender and blend on HIGH for at least 30 seconds (use strainer if you don’t like ice chunks in your beverage, martini shakers work well)
For every tray of ice you use, add 30 seconds of blend time,

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