Mrparka’s Top 50 Horror/Cult Movies of 2014

1. Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla
2. Pieces of Talent
3. Blue Ruin
4. Late Phases
5. Savaged
6. Under the Skin
7. Cheap Thrills
8. Devil’s Business
9. Circus of the Dead
10. Zombeavers
11. Filth
12. Dead Snow 2
13. Her Name Was Torment
14. Demon’s Rook
15. Big Bad Wolves
16. Dead on Appraisal
17. Hi-8 Independent 8
18. Bombshell Bloodbath
19. Daddy’s Little Girl
20. Guest, the
21. Apocalypse Kiss
22. Wetlands
23. Starry Eyes
24. Battery, the
25. Billy Club
26. Canal, the
27. Stage Fright
28. Scavenger Killers
29. Oculus
30. Babadook
31. Fresh Meat
32. Eat
33. Borgman
34. Bad Chicken
35. Fractured
36. Beneath
37. Life After Beth
38. Sacrament, the
39. Best Friends Forever
40. Aftermath
41. Only Lover’s Left Alive
42. Haunted Trailer
43. In the House of Flies
44. Housebound
45. Lord of Tears
46. Wolf Creek 2
47. Town That Dreaded Sundown
48. Taking of Deborah Logan
49. Horns
50. A Measure of Sin
I forgot to mention Motivational Growth which was a lot of fun and would make my top 50 if I remembered it.

Films mentioned
Beyond the Grave, Kill That Bitch, Hornet’s Sting and the Hell It’s Caused, Proxy,

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  1. pekinobo
    February 3, 2015

    A bunch here that I want to see now, specially since I hadn´t heard of them before; Chocolate Strawberry vanilla, Wetlands and Oculus. Only seen Starry eyes which was fantastic and my personal best of the entire year, on the other hand I didn´t see more then maybe 30-40 movies from 2014.

  2. Clifford Jones
    February 3, 2015

    Whew! How out of breath were u after this. Micro Machine man! Nice choice for #1 btw.

  3. Moodz616
    February 3, 2015

    Kill that Bitch and The Hornets Sting…Both made my top 30 list this year, but I totally see your point of not putting them on your list. Skinless actually made my top 10 of 2013, so I didn't include the re-release in 2014. This is a great list Dave. Many of the films that I have not seen on this list I have on a list to see. Its harder to watch some films here in Canada as we don't even get them VOD which is balls…Awesome video Dave!!!

  4. Michael Prall
    February 3, 2015

    Some of the titles on the list i have…many i've heard of…but many i'm hearing of for the first time. Gonna have to write the list down as a guide for things to watch for (i did the same thing last year with your 2013 list). Another great video Dave !

  5. TheWickerBoy
    February 3, 2015

    Really like Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla is one films I've seen in long time. The character Warren was brilliant. And the ending was worth it. The same with The Hornets Sting….I've still not got around buying Skinless yet. Absentia and Armistice aka (Warhouse) were two films I saw just before Christmas were both interesting. Awesome list dude.

  6. dirtymeehan
    February 3, 2015

    Cool list bro. Some movies also made my list. Can't wait for Starry Eyes and Demon's Rook to arrive this week.

    Here's my list.

    50. In Darkness We Fall

    49. Beneath
    48. Raze

    47. Open Grave

    46. Lucy

    45. We Are What We Are (Remake)

    44.  Wer
    43. The Banshee Chapter

    42. Grand Piano

    41. 13 Sins
    40. Almost Human

    39. Oculus

    38. La Vie d’Adèle

    37. Septic Man

    36. 300 Rise Of An Empire

    35. Zombeavers

    34. Sharknado 2

    33. Contracted
    32. Blood Glacier

    31. Metalhead
    Drama from Iceland about a cute metalhead chick. It’s a good drama for people who like metal and good movies. While some moments are extremely cheesy and the movie’s sudden shift in the middle may hurt it a bit, it’s still a good movie.

    30. The Devil’s Carnival

    29. Kristy

    28. Under The Skin

    27. REC 4

    26. Skinless

    25. Enemy/ Prisoners

    24. Afflicted

    23. Coyote
    22. Return To Nuke Em High Vol.1
    21. Pieces Of Talent

    20. Wolf Creek 2

    19. Nymphomaniac (Director’s Cut)
    18. Killers

     17. The Strange Color Of Your Body’s Tears

    16. Witching And Bitching

    15. Billy Club

    14. Tusk

    13. Deliver Us From Evil

    12. Big Bad Wolves

    12. Kreuzweg

    11. Hotel Inferno

    10. As Above So Below

    9. Godzilla

    8. Lord Of Tears

    7. Housebound

    6. Found.

    5. The Guest

    4. The Babadook

    3. The Raid 2

    2. Dead Snow 2

    1. Savaged

    My most anticipated movie of 2015 is Harbinger Down. AS a huge fan of The Thing, tentacles and body-horror, this one looks like a movie made for me.

  7. BeKindRewind
    February 3, 2015

    I have not seen many of these at all , apart from Blue Ruin and Under the Skin. Will give them a look man!

  8. D Bourgie86
    February 3, 2015

    Awesome list!!! Loved the films that I seen on your list but so many I have to check out now! I actually just got Beneath can't wait to check it out now! I also loved blue ruin a lot and loved how it was a different film than murder party which I also loved. Def gotta check out late phases and chocolate strawberry vanilla.

  9. jkandte
    February 4, 2015

    Great list Dave! really keen to seen Circus Of The Dead, supposed to be reviewing it soon. You'd be keen for Rob Zombie's new clown movie yeah??

  10. dirtygore
    February 4, 2015

    Looking sexy in 1080p dave. Have you got a new computer setup with a second screen?. Can't wait till the release of you movie.

  11. matt11708
    February 25, 2015

    great list i really liked the Battery and Babadook also i had fun with horns and  Dead Snow 2 great movie Cheap Thrills  underrated fun watch and i liked Battery nice take on a zombie movie.

  12. sariusmonk
    March 1, 2015

    I liked your list, checked out the top 10 you mentioned for trailers on youtube, will have to check some of these out. Will subscribe for more stuff like this, seem very to the point and informed on what you talk about.

  13. ElektrickRage
    April 13, 2015

    Wolf Creek 2!

  14. Parasites
    July 5, 2017

    this was one of your best videos
    just had to remind myself of the name of the movie borgman

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