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Hi and welcome to part 5 of the Paid Survey Secrets video training series. By now you should hopefully have a better knowledge of the Paid Survey industry and how you can get involved and start making money for yourself. Today as promised I am going to share with you 2 of our less common but effective ways to earn money sharing your opinion.

To start with let’s look at Mystery Shopping

You might have come across paid shopping or mystery shopping before and have wondered if they’re all too good to be true. This after all would be every woman’s or even man’s dream. Imagine shopping for merchandise which is free and earning money to do it! Mystery shopping is similar to paid surveys in that due to the need for consumer opinion, companies will pay you to shop at their outlets and for you to give your opinion.

So what Is A Mystery Shopper?

A mystery shopper is a free agent, an expert shopper who is hired by large retailers, restaurants, and movie theatre chains to overlook how their local stores are operating and to ensure that their customer service is appropriate, that their stores are clean, etc.

Most mystery shoppers are mainly part-time, independent contractors who wish to make extra money. Mystery shopping assignments are often flexible and can be easily organised to fit around other work, school, or family plans.
The beauty of mystery shopping is that you are getting rewarded twice. First you get to keep the items at no charge plus you receive compensation for giving your opinion.

Don’t expect to be sent to a high-end restaurant or a posh hotel at the beginning. Schedulers don’t hand those assignments to just anyone. You’ll have to take more than a few low-key gigs like coffee shops, fast-food restaurants and retail stores to establish yourself as competent and reliable.
The second less common way you can earn money sharing your opinion is by blogging or writing articles online.

I believe this is one of the simplest and easiest ways to make money sharing your opinion online. I personally know many people who actually make a full time living from just this medium.

There are many people who are interested in freelance writing as a hobby and extra source of revenue, but most people simply don’t know where to start. There is an array of websites that will pay you to write on a number of topics, ranging from film and television, to gardening, to relationships and pet care.

You can get hired as a blogger to write articles for some of your favourite websites. Imagine that – being about to sit in coffee shop writing about something you are passionate about and getting paid for it!
Well that about wraps it up – I hope you have enjoyed these video tutorials on how to make money sharing your opinion. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our courses.

If you can’t wait any longer and would like to get started earning money today you can grab a copy of the Full Australian Paid Survey Secrets Package using the link below.

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