Pros and Cons of Online Dating

What are the pros and cons of online dating? The pros are pretty obvious in that you get to meet people that you would otherwise not be able to meet.

On the downside, there’s three things to be aware of with online dating:

1) The people you actually want to date might not live close to you, which makes it very hard to actually take them out.

2) Not everyone is spending time on an online dating platform and usually the “crème of the crop” may not be available through online dating. Usually the girls that every guy wants to date are already busy with dozens of guys asking them out and wanting to spend time with them.

3) Some guys can be deceptive. Girls are very good at taking selfies at the right angle and posting details that don’t give you the full scoop on what is going on with them. You have to be aware that not everyone you meet is going to tell you the full truth right up front and may even be less attractive in person than their profile would seem to indicate.

Be aware of some of these cons because they are a reality with online dating. If you want to meet girls, start going out to places where women hang out and don’t be shy about asking a girl out on a date. My video tomorrow will be about asking a girl out that you just met. The link for that video will be here:

Gyms, cafes, coffee shops, and yes, even churches with a lot of young people are a great place to meet single women that are available.

Go luck gentlemen and go get them!

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  1. Man's Best Friend Consulting
    September 20, 2016

    Feel free to like the video if you enjoyed it. Had some jerk troll my channel and dislike almost all of my videos in one day. No way to report and unfortunate as we're a brand new channel. Can help us out by liking our videos if you enjoy the content.

  2. Sam Holden
    April 7, 2017

    There's more cons with me.Just having no luck at all with online dating.Should go out more and meet people.Might have luck then.

  3. ParisAvenue2005
    July 1, 2017

    …Pros? For a guy? Haha!!

  4. Grimadean A
    November 9, 2017

    "Pros" implies a plurality, which was not provided in the video. Here are more…
    1) (What you mentioned:) Lots & I mean LOTS of possibilities
    2) A multitude of variety, you can find out what you like & what you're just accustomed to, & you are not limited to one website.
    3) With numbers & diversity, a tiny pool of acceptable potentials becomes larger. (My requirements were so rare that I only had a hope that there was someone out there with similar stances, let alone one looking for a wife that would approach me.)
    4) More efficient: Formulas & profiles help to refine the searching process.
    5) Cheaper, not just because you learn about them before a date, but because you are using a tool to learn about potential matches rather than paying a matchmaker in your area.
    6) Availability: 24/7 access
    7) Relationship status is stated from the get-go.
    8) You can grow in confidence as you engage or are engaged into conversation by others.
    9) Despite the worry of deception, which can happen offline as well, intentions are more often presented early on as well.
    10) Time, you have way more control of this, due to how much easier, faster, cheaper, available, upfront the process is.

    As far as your cons…
    1) The cream of the crop may not want that attention, because it's not from the right guys. Quantity does not equal quality.
    2) Long distance relationships have happened before in history without the internet.
    3) The same could happen offline. Maybe you could see ways for more deception, but I've found that the qualities that I was looking for were easy to spot, because people give themselves away by how they speak before I ever had to go on a date.

    Where did you get the idea that people are just dropped into your lap if you go onto a dating website? There are tons of parameters than what websites are able to identify. You still have to search, study, approach & present. I searched 1000 profiles for a friend of mine on an already specialized site, got rid of 2/3s of them in one round based on their beliefs, in the second filtered by the effort evident in their profiles, before giving them to her so that she could narrow them down, resulting in 2 men with potential, & (had she not been over her first heartbreak like I thought she was) still didn't pan out. On the contrary, I posted on several popular & specialized dating websites, stated exactly what I wanted & what I was, found 3 men within less than a month, refused 1 (no fault to him, just wasn't willing to have an extreme age different), rejected another & have been in a wonderful relationship for three years with that final man. I hope he's as happy as I am. In all of that, one needed more than a profile & poise to gain a partner, at least for a quality, complimentary husband or wife.

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