Roaster School Online – Ep #9 – Roaster Roundtable

Join Joe and Dave as they host a round table discussion on what they wish they had know when they began roasting. Bios below!

Tony Querio, Spyhouse Coffee, US Roaster Champion – 2016, Minneapolis, MN
Joe Marocco, Dir of Ed, Cafe Imports and former commercial roaster and Midwest Barista Champ, Minneapolis, MN
Micah Svejda, owner and head roaster, Bootstrap Coffee, St Paul, MN
Ellen Swan, owner and roaster, Little Green Truck Roasters, Auburn, IA
Dave Borton, head greens keeper and roasting trainer, Mill City Roasters, Minneapolis, MN

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  1. Yousg27
    February 17, 2017

    Thank you very much, it was really beneficial, I appreciate it.

  2. vicarious1984
    February 18, 2017

    bunch of legends!

  3. renlong li
    February 18, 2017

    HI Roaster school! theres one info i like to share: dropping the beans before 1st crack! as you lose your ability to develop your beans after 1st crack.

  4. sticx89
    February 22, 2017

    awesome and very informative info. started at Ep1 and still chewing on all the info. I roast on a 35kg Loring, here in North QLD Australia 😀 so much fun

  5. Brian Niles
    March 21, 2017

    Really enjoying your videos. Just getting started researching the idea of coffee roasting and these have been super helpful. Considering traveling out to Mill City for a class on roasting from Philadelphia. Looking forward to learning from those who have been there!

  6. Stan Tripp
    July 29, 2017

    Just roasted my 1st 3 batches last night. I loved the experience. I was very nervous and figured I would mess up all of them. But your video is so right. It's hard to mess things up. Each 1lb batch came out really nice. I'm now hooked. Thanks for all your videos to help someone like me feel confident to get started.

  7. Coffee Shrubs Est.
    August 2, 2017

    Thank you all for sharing your experience.
    Coffee Shrubs Est. – Saudi Arabia

  8. yomega brain
    August 31, 2017

    good quote. "better quality coffee is easier to roast." 🙂

  9. Alisa Frye
    November 5, 2017

    I've been roasting for a few years and have never used software! I rely on my senses – and track on paper…..

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