Salman Khan SIGNED In A Film & It Makes Rs 300 Crore – Sanjay Leela Bhansali

He is a Cult who would get 300 crores rupees just by standing in a movie
Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a landmark in Indian cinema. He defined the different kind of cinema that one would love to experience. Whether it is Black, or Devdas, Guzaarish or now Bajirao Mastani, when one goes to a SLB movie one is treated to a magnum opus.
When his 12 year ambition of Bajirao Mastani finally got fulfilled Sanjay only remember Salman and Aishwarya as he had planned the big budget flick with them. Things got awry Salman and Ash separated and Sanjay’s dream never came true.
Now that the movie has released and is almost a big hit Sanjay says he would wish Sallu to see it and adds Salman just stand in a movie and would rake in 300 crore rupees as he is a cult. We agree with the Guzaarish director on this. Don’t you?
As for the movie, it is really a class apart from the regular genre of Bollywood fare and has shown a different glamour

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