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Today I’m sharing an event that I went to with a bunch of SAVANNAH BLOGGERS for a Beauty and Bloggers night out in Savannah, GA. The event was hosted by 40 Volume Salon and there were lots of different vendors that sponsored the event (I’ll leave all of the instagram handles below). The event was put on for a bunch of bloggers in the area to just get together and have fun and get pampered. I got to meet so many new women and hang out with some sweet friends. It was so much fun!!! I hope you enjoy this vlog! LOVE Y’ALL!!!

Go follow all of these amazing bloggers on instagram! Some are mommy blogs and some are fashion, but they are all super sweet, real, and share tons of fun things on their blogs!


The vendors for the event:
Venue and host- @40volumesalonandspa
Food – @coffee.deli &
Drinks – @wilmington_island_beverage & @theupsstore6029
DJ – @wills_myth
Photography – @5dphotography
Sweets – @vanillaandthebean
Flowers – @ivoryandbeau
Energy Reading- @thesavannahpsychic
Clothing for purchase- @fabriksavannah

Instagram: @teamdarley
Facebook: Team Darley
Here is where I get ALL my cleaning products (if you’ve never used Grove Collaborative before, this referral link gets you $10 off your first purchase and whatever promotion they are running for free products at the time):

Items I get asked about frequently:
*Dyson V7:
*Bona Mop:
*Hurricane Fur Wizard (I use this on my bed and furniture to remove pet hair):
*Dining room chairs:
*Farmhouse Sink: I have searched and searched for the Ikea Farmhouse sink that we purchased when we built our house, but haven’t been able to find it. I am assuming they don’t sell it anymore. I have linked a similar farmhouse style sink below from amazon:

*Farmhouse Utensil Holder:
(Some links are affiliate links)
All videos include my true thoughts and opinions of products. I will let my viewers know when any video is sponsored. I am so grateful for the support of my subscribers!

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  1. Joanne Liu Lay Keng
    April 24, 2018

    Sure is fun!

    April 24, 2018

    Yes! I would love to see more of Savannah in your vlogs!! This vlog was a lot of fun!

  3. Taylor Lynne
    April 24, 2018

    Love your channel so far! I’m new and just subbed! Xo

  4. sleeper234
    April 24, 2018

    Loved the vlog and I really like you dress. Anything you can show me from Savannah is good.

  5. kgirl701
    April 24, 2018

    Yes I would love to see more what to do in Savannah videos!!!

  6. Life With Lizzet
    April 24, 2018

    Your dress is beautiful!

  7. Brown Girl Bella By Shannon B.
    April 24, 2018

    This is awesome – I'd love to do a meet up in my area as well. We are both in the YT Boss Babe page on FB and I wanted to show everyone in their a lil love by liking, commenting and subscribing to their channels. Hoping you will do the same to mine.

  8. Eloisa Magnani
    April 25, 2018

    Hi, Amy, I live your dress.

  9. Kari Craven
    April 25, 2018

    Yay fellow Savannah girl!! Love your outfit!

  10. The G Life
    April 25, 2018

    Amy I love your dress! I'll have to check out H&M!

  11. lyfesone32
    April 26, 2018

    New Subbie❤ Great video..

  12. Sheila Ashcraft
    April 26, 2018

    I’ve visited Savanah only once & loved it! Would definitely enjoy seeing more videos of Savanah. Thanks

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